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How to Stay Present but Manifest a Different Future?

2 Heart it! Carolyn Gladd 28
May 19, 2018
Carolyn Gladd
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I have a dilemma that I am slowly overcoming. I am STUCK in the present moment.

I constantly look and think about my present situation. Not the future.This leads me to think about the things that I don’t like in my current life –  what I ‘have’ to do tomorrow. Go to work, for example. Because that is my present situation.

Nothing is changing in my career –  I have been doing the same thing for years. There is no moving forward. I am just trudging along on a straight line. I hit a plateau. That is what my mind keeps saying, over and over.

However, I again return to the present moment – this exact second. I look around. Feel my strong healthy body, know that nothing bad is coming from my current situation. But at the same time, nothing good.

I am thinking about right now, and right here, rather than imagining something different.
How do I Stay Fully Present but Crave a Change?
Right here, right now – this is where I am. It has been pounded in me to be here – look around, this is it. Accept it. Content. Be content.

I am fine. But is fine enough? Is it possible to be fully present and content but also create a change?

Again, that voice comes back. My mind keeps telling me yes, yes, yes. Content is enough. Fine is enough. You have everything you need. Look around. There is beauty everywhere. Stillness everywhere. You can make the most out of the worst situations, you can have fun doing anything if you are present enough.

I am not thinking about the future because I am SO focused on right now. Particularly, what I don’t like about right now. I am caught in a negative story of how I am ‘stuck’, nothing is changing. When I look at my career and my day-to-day life, that appears to be the truth. So that story is reinforced in my brain. As I stay in the present moment everyday, I notice the same thing happening over and over. I do the same things. I have been in the same job for a while, and nothing has changed.

I want a change.
Change of Thought
I learned something today that may seem obvious to others. I shared this epiphany with my boyfriend, and his expression faded to blank, like I was repeating the obvious. Something that everyone already knows. If you are feeling stuck like me, let me share:

If your thoughts are always in the present, always in the here and now, then that is where you will stay. Therefore, if you are longing for a change, you must think about the new you. The new thing or place or work that you will be doing. Dream it. Think about it. Write about it. Feel it.

This is what I am practicing.
Let the New Me Manifest
When you feel a feeling that you want to feel, dwell in it. Let it manifest. Let it sink in, then bite into it and let the emotion seep through your body, deep below your skin, your bones, flood your marrow.

Pick a date, and write just like you are in living in the future. What will you be doing, feeling, thinking?

That is my practice now. I am manifesting. Manifesting my dreams, what I wish my life to be, how I want myself to feel, who I want to become.

Our thoughts equal our feelings equal our reality. Our feelings bring more of themselves, more of that emotion into our lives.
You Get What You Feel
When I am continuously in the present moment, thinking about how much I don’t like what I’m doing, then that is the energy I magnetize. I keep bringing back the energy, the feeling, of disliking, not wanting, unhappiness.

On the other hand, when I am enjoying what I am doing (like writing this blog), I will sit here a little longer to drown in those emotions. Soaking in this lovely, peaceful, inspiring, feeling will bring more of exactly that into my life. More of this delightful, purposeful feeling will fall in front of me.

I am playing this gamble with life. This idea that my thoughts, more importantly, my deep feelings is what the universe will bring more of into my life.
Begin Now
Here I am. Typing away. This is what I want to be doing in the future. This is how I picture myself down the road. So here I am. Living that dream already. Manifesting. Feeling the freedom that I so wish to feel. Letting my fingers run wild.. Letting myself rant a bit to just let it all out.

So what is my dream? It is crucial to be as clear as you can with the universe. Tell it what you want. Then push it forward. Watch is unfold. Here is my dream:

Help others live a healthy and happy life
Talk to others throughout the day
Have free time to write, listen to podcasts, be outside
Eat nourishing foods, scrumptious, fresh foods surround me
Be creative, work in a creative field, do something that inspires me day in and day out
Learn and be interested in my work
Teach yoga, do yoga, learn more about yoga
Sit by the ocean, feel the summer breezes on my skin
Stay connected to my friends, family, boyfriend
Feel relaxed, calm, focused

I am not stuck. I am evolving. I am moving. I am free. I am changing. I am transforming. I am in a transition. Right now, I am growing, and moving towards the woman, towards the life of my dreams. I am capable of change and have the power to live the life of my dreams.
Moving Forward
I am working on not only changing my thoughts, but I am noticing my emotions around my thoughts. When I am feeling stuck, I send myself love and compassion. Eventually, that love and compassion will override the unhappy, stuck feeling, manifesting more love and compassion to enter my life.

It is work, it might sound crazy, but it is the law of attraction. I am going to give it a try.

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2 Heart it! Carolyn Gladd 28
2 Heart it! 28

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