The Bolder Boulder race, starring…Ryan Van Duzer!

Via on May 26, 2009

Ryan Van Duzer Bolder Boulder

Ryan Van Duzer duz the Bolder Boulder, one of the biggest races in the country.

Ryan’s the best of Boulder, man, it’s like we grew him in one of our science labs, injected a big dose of not-taking-yourself-seriously, a big dose of athleticism, a shot of being-a-good-caring-guy, grew him in a test tube for a year, and then unleashed him upon the unsuspecting TV world.

Here The Duzer duz the Bolder Boulder (to run next year, check out Bolder Boulder‘s site). Favorite moments of various videos below: Chariots of Fire, the Cheer-off, Jets are Cool Let’s See that Again. Would love more commentary on the green or lack of green aspects to the Memorial Day race…the trash bins all over town were full of needless plastic crap made in China that’ll be toxifying someone’s water supply when our grandchildren have grandchildren.

Everyone who ran got given…get this…

a synthetic schwag bag which included a…plastic US Flag (most of which were tossed or forgotten) that was MADE IN CHINA (how’s that honor our soldiers, folks!?)

…along with a bunch of other mostly un-eco everlasting-in-a-dump-that’s-out-of-sight-out-of-mind schwag. Would have been great to see the bag full of local and national green products—but Silk Soy was just about the only eco-responsible schwag I saw. After all, Boulder is all about doing things better, greener, we’re about expanding the envelope with science and tech and green and innovation…can’t we do a bit better next year, Bolder Boulder leaders? 

That said, Bolder Boulder has got to be one of the funnest races, the fantastic community and it’s great for Boulder business. I biked down with my mutt Redford and friend Lindsey to the (yes, green built) Folsom Street Cafe as I do every year, and cheered on the runners who walk the race at the end (watching basketball with friends, I’d had a late night). Then, we got to see the elite runners from Kenya, Japan, Europe…all over…run the race as if they had wings on their feet. So…back to the Duzer…

Wanna have a smile on your face for 10 minutes? Watch this:

Via Ryan Van Duzer, our “Out There Guy” – here’s Bolder Boulder Tips from famous runner Frank Shorter. Bonus!

…and wings, on our heels…[Chariots of Fire is actually one of my top 100 movies ever, rent it if haven’t seen it]

Oh, and here’s Ryan Van Duzer’s soggy race from last year:


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