Study: Chipotle’s fans don’t care about green, healthy or humane. I for one beg to differ. Do you?

Via on Apr 15, 2010

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Apparently, it’s true. We the People are happy to eat food as long as it tastes good. And is cheap. Everything else?


On the positive side…this study, if it’s true, is all the more reason to support Chipotle in fighting the yummy, mindful fight in transforming fast food into an engine for living in better harmony with our planet.

Excerpt via Fast Company:

Last year, Mark Crumpacker, Chipotle’s Chief Marketing Officer, revealed that an “ethnography study” of Chipotle customers showed that the brand’s emphasis on fresh, quality foods wasn’t a big factor for most people. That’s certainly not true of all customers, but it makes sense that people who search out fast food aren’t that concerned about sustainability. After all, Chipotle and small chains like Burgerville are some of the only fast food joints that offer sustainable options.



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