Boulder Canyon Chips: the greenest bag of chips on the Planet.

Via on May 24, 2010

“My official fave Potato Chip on & for Planet Earth.”

Why can’t all chip companies follow Boulder Canyon’s lead and put their yummies in a compostable bag?

The only way they could be greener, more eco-responsible, healthier, would be to be 100% organic, and gmo-free.

Here’s the first thing I loooooove about Boulder Canyon Potato Chips: the bags are compostable. That represents a sea change in natural products. As a “conscious consumer,” I hate being responsible for trash that goes to landfills and rots, or rather doesn’t rot—it just sits there breeding methane and fouling our fine earth for the rest of my days, and on.

Therefore, my kitchen trash can is the size of my head (pretty big, as far as heads go; pretty small, as far as trash cans go). I hate buying plastic, or anything non-compostable (translation: plastic is toxic, and forever).

As for taste, mmmm mmmm good. The chips are baked, not fried, so they’re healthier. But don’t worry, they taste like chips should: addictive.

One minor complaint: I don’t know if I’ve become wimpy in my old age, but the chips are kind of hard, and sharp, and hurt my mouth sometimes.

All in all, I’ll give these chips an A. Not organic, but natural (which means something, but not a lot). Compostable bags FTW. Yummy, but a bit hard and sharp. I’ll be buying them myself from now on, and I recommend you all do, too.

Give ’em a go, and let us know what you think.



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