Pint-Size Power; Willow Smith Steps Up.

Via on Oct 26, 2010

I’m psyched to see a tween being a tween and bringing a powerful message to the world. The lyrics may be a little repetitive, but heck, she’s nine! We could do a whole lot worse!

After a couple of years of having to explain terms like “disco sick” to my tween (THANKS, Lady Gaga!), I’m relieved to hear a girl singing about loving being herself.

Little Willow reminds me of a less rebellious but just as empowered pint-sized Cyndi Lauper.

As an equal opportunity feminist, when this “warriorette” says she’s taking to the stage with her girl-power message because she wants to – not because she has to – I believe her!

More power to you, Willow!

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3 Responses to “Pint-Size Power; Willow Smith Steps Up.”

  1. Anandi says:

    I have A LOT of love for Willow and her swaggalicousiness! It reminded me of when I was 9 and having fun being a KID and doing girly things! Thank you! Love love love!

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