(Tasteful) Nude Yoga.

Via on Oct 19, 2010

While we would nevvvver post anything about nudity for the sake of nudity, we couldn’t help but pass along these not-at-all-lascivious, artistic, inspiringly beautiful images by Hegre of yoga…by someone who appears to actually practice yoga.

To see them full size, click here.


> On the other hand, Playboy Yoga. (Now We’ve Seen Everything)

A Response to: “Naked Yoga. {Photos of Model, shot by Husband}”.

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32 Responses to “(Tasteful) Nude Yoga.”

  1. YogiOne/Scott says:

    Lets see some nude Buddhist nuns next. Maybe Petter Hegre, the "tasteful" pornographer has some tasteful speads on them too.

  2. YogiOne says:

    Or maybe yourself with a Dirty Sanchez. That should get some page hits too. Or maybe your Mom could pose for some shots like these, since they are so tasteful an all, surely you would be proud to show her in this tasteful manner. Got a sister or daughter? Maybe they could pose naked together doing some tasteful partner yoga.

  3. YogiOne/Scott says:


    The art that held me in thrall last summer in the Metropolitan Museum of Art was very much on my mind as I wrote about the porn you posted. The truth is that Petter Hegre is just a pornographer and this yoga porn debases yoga to drive traffic to his porn site. So, yes, I do know the difference between porn and art. I also know the difference between yoga and someone who debases yoga to drive traffic to his website. I'll be off doing yoga. So long.

  4. Was just looking at the model menu at Hegre's site–and saw there are one line descriptions under each picture. Could there be a clue here as to the nature of the nature of the site? (Yogic? Artistic? Pornographic?)?

    Geisha doll
    Bad girl
    Pretty and perky
    Young bundle of fun
    Feminine and feline
    Hot blooded cowgirl
    Blonde party girl
    Mysterious coquette
    Toned to perfection
    Sensual sensation
    Luscious Latina
    Wild little firecracker
    French geisha
    Flexi and sexy
    Exoitc and erotic
    Tough talking tease
    Innocent temptress
    Dominant and sexy
    Teenage promise
    Playgirl supermodel
    Martini girl

    Hmmm…not looking too good on the yogic front…but wait:
    Priestess of Tantra
    Divine Indian goddess
    Chaste and clean
    Seriously foxy

    …okay, maybe not…

  5. jh00mer says:

    Not crazy about the site the photos were on. But the photos themselves were fine.

  6. rachel says:

    yeah, i really think you have to think about the context of the society that you are in, before you print these photos, maybe you and she did mean them as art, and they were printed on the site they were printed on as beauty, however, many folks are just going to be laviscious, while at the lower end of things there may necessarily be nothing wrong with this, is it the sort of thing you want to be promoting, even iadvertanltly – i think you need to consider the consquences more, and more deeply, while i agree with the basic proposal naked bodies equal beauty, why isnt this model fat for example? not sure – it just seems there is something subltly out of alignment with the good, the true and the beautful here, maybe not tho

  7. Karen6 says:

    nice study of anatomy of the female form in various asanas. can't help but wonder why the shaved/absent pubic hair, was that the photographers idea? makes her look like less womanly and more childish.

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  10. kristopher says:

    Beautiful photos. Great photographer. Great yogi.

  11. elephantjournal says:

    Stephen Barrera ‎…people like anything naked… Europe does the naked news… Focus on the external is contrary to yoga, wich be definition is about going beyond body consciousness. Loving to be healthy and feel good is great…and if u want to be naked, super…but its not yoga. Pluh-eeze… The mysics of the world left a living legacy for all sincere truth seekers…and being sexy is not part of dicipline ive seen…lol

    elephantjournal.com Prudery isn't, either. Sex and all energies can be part of the spiritual path—in fact, they must be. Cheers. ~ Waylon.

    Stephen Barrera R u serious? Thats the most novice mentality…it is a crutial part, in that it must be redirected…the inner worship of Ganesh, is gagthering our multifarious energies, to transcend body consciousness…not enforce it.

    Carole Ross That's hardly prudery. It's refraining from indulging. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. That's not what it's all about. To me it looks like art, not yoga.

    elephantjournal.com Well, it is art—just as the various yoga photographers' photos on elephant is art. Yoga is practice, breath, intention…taking photos of that practice is art. Not sure of your problem, here, Carole. As for indulging, I thought it was beautiful and tasteful, but each to her own. ~ Way.

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  13. Dea says:

    oh, look! A young, slim and attractive woman in nude yoga poses. Who wouldn't want to see that?

  14. Don Henderson says:

    I think the arguement of the human body as art is lost on most….

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  16. Carolyn Riker Carolyn says:

    It's too much, too often and yet it seems to be what most people want to see. there's no article here. The poses are beautiful, the photography is very tasteful….but this piece is longing for more.

  17. Hereward says:

    It’s great to see how narrow minded and judgemental some people… when something doesn’t tick the box of what they think it should be! Good to see the practice working!

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  19. I do find nude yoga more energizing and mostly sensational. It's good to be practicing naked yoga and get to be more flexible than ever.

  20. Anyone who does nude yoga must have enjoyed it very much as much as I do.

  21. Jesica says:

    Okay, I have to pipe in here, because I see all these judgemental comments and it kind of makes my soul a little sad. First, why judge? It brings unease to a person, it portrays negativity out of your life, therefore bringing that negativity and judgement into your life. Second, as nature would have it, we are one with earth and everyone in it. The best feelings I get, are when I am naked moving as my body feels necessary. I love not wearing shoes, I love not wearing any makeup, I love not wearing anything period! It is beautiful, it is freeing, and it is connecting. I couldn't care less, about the hair, or lack there of this lady has, she is doing what she feels necessary for herself, in that very moment! Bravo! It does look beautiful! Her asanas are beautiful, and she clearly has been practicing (only able to see the asanas) since she is able to get into lotus – that takes a patience and consistency! Love! If you have nothing nice to say, do yourself a favor (trust me, this is the first step to helping your life be happier and more loving) type your mean comments, and then delete it or leave the page :) LOVE IS LOUDER!!

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