Should Lululemon be talkin’ about my “muffin”?

Via on Mar 15, 2011

I love my new purple pants from Lululemon. This in itself is not news.

What’s interesting to me is a message on the tag. I noticed it when I was at home examining my new fabulous find—really cool purple yoga pants.

eliminate muffin top

Item number 3 says:

Smooth elastic waistband helps eliminate muffin top

I have the sense that a marketing guru would say that Lululemon has simply identified a quality that women want in their pants.

But, when I got home with these pants, enjoying the intimacy of just me with the yoga pants alone—admittedly I was admiring them—and I got to item number 3, which I had not seen in the store, I was kind of pulled out of the moment.

Muffin top?

It hit me kinda’ like the “camel toe” thing from a while back.

Stop hating on my body, Lulu!

I know that Julia Roberts portrayed the term as sweet, fun girl stuff in Eat Pray Love with her pretend “muffin top” in the film.

Either Lululemon wants to protect me from my shameful muffin top, or “eliminate” it all together (as stated in item 3). The pants are called, “repetition” apparently to help me do that next rep in my workout. …to help me eliminate my muffin top… Okay Lulu, I think I get it. Your marketing message is here to motivate me toward something “I” want, because every woman does want to rid herself of that “ugly fat” above the waistline of her exercise pants (also known as a “muffin top”), right?

No thanks.

I think I’ll just ignore that part of the tag. The tops of baked goods like muffins are often really tasty. Is my pubic mound really a muffin? …a delicious muffin?

Honestly, this language seems a bit presumptuous for a pair of pants…

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16 Responses to “Should Lululemon be talkin’ about my “muffin”?”

  1. erica rose says:

    I heart my muffin top! What is even more disturbing (or just as) to me, is when the sales girl (educator) told me the pants I was purchasing will reduce the appearance of a "smile". I gave her a confused look and she just grinned and glanced toward my pelvic region. …. "You know a SMILE". I just walked away. If it's smiling lady… it certainly isn't at YOU!
    Thanks for the post!

  2. Kimberly Johnson kajyoga says:


  3. Yogini5 says:

    Here in size acceptance-land, we wrote Lululemon off a long time ago …
    Health at Every Size is making a comeback …

  4. Beth says:

    Honestly I am not happy with my muffin top but I do have one. Lululemon pants are my absolute favorite because they do hide the not so pretty area of my body. So, the claim is correct it does help eliminate the muffin top. Very bold, but true.

  5. tea says:

    this is funny really,i don't have a muffin top but i do have a great love for muffins,eat one almost daily.i am not surprised here either we r bombarded daily from all over with how we need to look and what we need to wear ,etc,so it is what it is,comes with the territory

  6. Chriss says:

    I'd like the old days of miss matched baggy 'frumpy clothed classes in village halls,rather than this commercial approach of designer yoga wear
    Its the yoga practice that needs the concentration,not what you look like doing it.

  7. Suzi says:

    I like flattering clothes. Didn't know that was a problem.
    Also, lululemon as a company could use some love at the moment- dealing with a pretty horrific situation in Bethesda, MD this week. Maybe Elephant could lay off the luluhate for a week and see the incredible outpouring of support from the tragedy that is coming from all over the world and notice what a cool community us yogis are. Just an idea.

  8. Sybil says:

    Cool or not – pc or not – I love my lulu's! I just selfishly wish they made them in (slightly) larger sizes.

  9. Dini says:

    Muffin top is what defines my body, whether branded clothing boldly think that it’s a flaw. Only others who see it as a flaw are judgmental, were they perfect too? So, muffin top = me.

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