What is LOVE?

Via on Apr 7, 2011

Art courtesy of Justin Miller

While dreaming of serpents
I choose
Love in every cell of my body
always conscious intelligence
in every cell
pure consciousness
infinite healing potential
I choose to love serpents as well

What is love?
love is happiness and bliss
love is trust owning your energy
letting go and letting be

Love is power most eternal
free from hurting, free from lies
freedom giver, love is nature
love is all it takes to butterflies

Love has phases
like a dragon with two faces
but it constantly assures you
of a Universe that’s safe

Love is grounding, not selective
we love many, not just one
but like Romeo and his Juliet,
love in two is yin and yang

Those who still are looking madly
for the love they can call mine
don’t steal love when love appears
when love sacred, to love vow

Karma is always the love cupid
when in love don’t loose your mind
be your best, and always present
love, like death, will be your kind

Dreaming of serpents
I wake up higher
in a deep prayer of love
then I turn to you and sighing
you tell me: you must be love

What is love?
what the world needs
when you feel it
you’ll  know love is all there is

May all beings be happy
May all beings be love
May I live always thankful
for today you love me so

About Yesica Pineda

I am Yeye, Born and raised in Mexico City, Home has been in places such as Hollywood Hills, Venice and Topanga in California, and Boulder in Colorado. Travels through Mexico, USA, Peru, Colombia, Spain, Amsterdam, New Zealand and Turkey have influenced the world as I see it. Today, Los Cabos in Baja is where family is. My mom and dad were wonderful people who raised me to believe that loving-kindness, and peace at the deepest level of the mind~ real happiness ~, are the only worthwhile goals in life.The rest... is just stories. * http://www.yeyeorganicpop.wix.com/thewaterwalkers


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