The sacred sacral chakra: sexuality, sensuality, intimacy, desire, control, emotional expression.

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Sex is emotion in motion.  ~Mae West

Sacral chakra concerns: sexuality, reproduction, sensuality, intimacy, desire, control, emotional expression

Sacral chakra essential questions:

  • What do I want?
  • What turns me on/off?
  • How do I express my sexuality?
  • How can I relax and go with the flow?
  • How do I adapt to change and new situations?
  • With whom am I intimate?
  • How do I honor my higher self
  • What lessons are my relationships teaching me?

Chant: VAM

2nd chakra thoughts: Apparently, my sacral chakra is blocked, because I cannot think of any worthwhile 2nd chakra thoughts to share. And I even slept on it! Instead, I give you some ideas from brilliant Indian philosopher J. Krishnamurti:

On relationship: “Relationship, surely, is the mirror in which you discover yourself. Without relationship you are not; to be is to be in relationship; otherwise you do not exist, existence has no meaning. It is not because you think that you come into existence. You exist because you are related; and it is the lack of understanding of relationship that causes conflict.”

On sex: “Sex becomes an extraordinarily difficult and complex problem so long as you do not understand the mind which thinks about the problem. The act itself can never be the problem but the thought about the act creates the problem.”

2nd chakra poem:

You are my mirror
I am yours
You are so beautiful
I love your ugliness
We are s e p a r a t e
Let’s flow together

Practice suggestions:

  1. Hip and groin openers such as baddha konasana (Cobbler’s Pose) and crescent moon pose
  2. Ocean breathing: relaxing your abdomen fully on the inhale, filling the lower belly as well as the lungs and exhaling naturally and effortlessly.
  3. Yin yoga style pigeon pose and saddle pose, releasing muscular effort and using gravity to open the tendons and ligaments of the hips and reposition the sacrum.
  4. Practicing next to or submerged in water — a pool, a river, a lake, an ocean. Water is the element of the sacral chakra.

Muladhara music:

  • Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye
  • Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira
  • The Ocean by Led Zeppelin
  • Sexy Sadie and Why Don’t We Do It in the Road by The Beatles
  • Let’s talk about sex by Salt N Pepa
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Sacral chakra literature:

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