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About Mid Walsh

Mid Walsh is a yoga teacher, poet, sculler, educational publishing professional, and co-owner of Dancing Crow Yoga. He lives with his wife and their enchanted cat Carmen in a house near the ocean in Massachusetts.


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  1. @davis68nf says:

    There's one problem with this theory: Why doesn't it happen more often in Canada? We see the same television as the Americans. Or is the argument that we have fewer "sad nobodies"?

    No, the issue is with American culture. There is a prevalent "cowboy" or "macho" culture that's not so strong in Canada. We don't hold up Billy the Kid, Bonnie & Clyde or "Gangster Rap" as something honourable or gallant. Canadian heroes invent things like insulin ( Frederick Banting) and universal health care (Tommy Douglas). Canadian heroes save others where American heroes gun down others.

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