Five of the Most Viewed (Full-Length) Yoga Classes on YouTube.

Via on Feb 22, 2012
The first of two classes, Adi Amar of Yoga Today presents the Ashtanga Primary Series (1h):

YouTube Preview Image

An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga with Sarah Kline of Yoga Today (50 minutes):

YouTube Preview Image

YogaYak presents Michael Riel & Hatha Yoga for Neck & Shoulder Health (57 minutes):

YouTube Preview Image

YogaYak presents Diane Jacobs – Hatha Yoga 1, Easy Ground Work (43 minutes):

YouTube Preview Image

Yoga Flow level 3 (50 minutes):

YouTube Preview Image


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2 Responses to “Five of the Most Viewed (Full-Length) Yoga Classes on YouTube.”

  1. Vision_Quest2 says:

    So … out of curiosity, I watched the Level 3 video, and read the comments.

    I am not at that level, nor do I do a pure yoga practice either.

    But, somehow, this Kathleen Holm seems like a real person and not some walking advertisement for something.

    So, if she does acro in the park or spearheads retreats that I may die not ever being able to afford, she seems to let me keep my illusions that she does not do those things.

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