Homes of the Future. {Photos & Infographic}

Via on Mar 29, 2013

sun roof

The future is something that we all wonder about.

Flying cars, self-cleaning kitchens and bathrooms (yes, please!), robotic bees (unfortunately, these may become necessary), the entire society living off-grid

What really is next?

When it comes to our homes, new technologies and green incentives are only the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s an info-graphic by that illustrates what could be next….

Homes of the Future

Source: via Blu on Pinterest

Source: via Blu on Pinterest

Source: via Blu on Pinterest

Source: via Blu on Pinterest

Source: via Blu on Pinterest

Source: via Blu on Pinterest

Source: via Blu on Pinterest

Source: via Blu on Pinterest

Source: via Blu on Pinterest



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