Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson.

Via David McConaghay
on Aug 29, 2013
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Michael Jackson Stitched

Today, August 29th, 2013, is the King of Pop’s 55th birthday.

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In spite of the controversy surrounding his passing, and regardless of the unsavory charges levied against him, MJ’s legacy lives on.

Link to MJ remix by Srikalogy

He is responsible for some of the most inspirational, danceable music ever. His musical and cultural influence is as significant as ever. So let us take a moment to appreciate the magic that is MJ.

Link to MJ megamix by DJ Russo

May his hooks be forever sampled, his lyrics forever quoted, and his dance moves forever imitated, though never quite recreated.

As if we needed any reminders:

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And here’s a way more awesome, way less controversial MTV Music Awards performance from 1995:

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Bonus: the newly-inaugurated “President of Pop,” who could never have existed without the King.

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Double Bonus: More celebs reflecting on MJ’s influence:

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Triple Bonus! Timbaland has an MJ-based project in the works:

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Ultimate Bonus: the full, feature-length concert film, This Is It:

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