Funniest. Commercials. Ever. {Featuring Girls Don’t Poop: PooPourri Video}

Via Jennifer S. White
on Oct 8, 2013
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Oh. My. God.

I have never been so utterly shocked, repulsed, amazed and in awe in my life.

Let me set the story for you.

My dad told me that from my very early childhood he seriously wondered if commercials had some sort of hidden subliminal messages that lured me in.

I adore a good commercial. (My previous, recent favorite—for you other 80’s children—was this.)

YouTube Preview Image

However, the winds have changed (no pun intended)—to this.

PooPourri—because girls don’t poop—is the funniest commercial. Ever.

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s another hilarious one about learning English through the Berlitz method (a reader on my Facebook page reminded me of it when I asked for reader favorites):

YouTube Preview Image

And I’m not sure why but this Travelers Insurance commercial starring an adorable dog always manages to both tug at my heart-strings and make me giggle:

YouTube Preview Image

This banned commercial from the Netherlands is all sorts of wrong—it’s amazing:

YouTube Preview Image

Dutch oven. Need I say more?

YouTube Preview Image

Well, apparently farts are funny:

YouTube Preview Image

Then there’s the classic Canyonero, of course.

YouTube Preview Image

(Sorry, I had to.)

Dads in Briefs is thought-provoking…about dads in briefs.

YouTube Preview Image

I think I’ll end there.

After you’ve heard “skid marks” referenced in a commercial and seen numerous dads in briefs, I’m sinking you have nowhere else to go. (And if you don’t get “sinking” then, at least watch the Berlitz commercial.)

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