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Via on Jan 27, 2014

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Despite my love of music, I’ve never been a fan of the Grammy’s.

My distaste for the Grammy’s stems from viewing it as a child. I recall Gary Shandling hosting, and watching the event was incredibly boring.

But when I heard about some of the performer’s that would be appearing on this year’s show, my interest was piqued. The two surviving Beatles (Paul and Ringo), Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Billie Joe Armstrong (singing a tribute to the Everly Brothers) to name a few.

So I tuned in this year and indeed I was entertained.

The Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performance stood out to me the most, and not just because I am a fan of the hip-hop duo.

The performed the song “Same Love” which is an awesome song that raises awareness about the issue of equality for everyone.

The song has brought a great deal of attention and success to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and they have performed it on television before, but their Grammy performance last night was particularly special.

This is because there were over 30 couples present to be married during the performance of the song. Those getting married included both “hetero” and “same-sex” couples, as well as inter-racial couples. Ryan Lewis’ sister was among those being wed as well.

Queen Latifah (awesome feminist MC) introduced their performance, and she quoted one of my favorite lines from the song:

“Whatever God you believe in, we come from the same one. Strip away the fear, underneath it’s all the same love.”

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis launched into their performance, with Mary Lambert singing the hook. After the first couple verses, the music broke down a bit, and Queen Latifah stepped up to officiate the wedding. She asked the couples to exchange their rings, and the camera panned around showing the couples as they did this.

Then, as if this wasn’t enough, Madonna made an appearance, dressed all in white, and singing her hit song from the 80s “Open Your Heart.” It was a nice touch, encouraging us all to open out hearts, and give love and acceptance to everyone.

The music artists all stood together, in support of marriage equality, as the 30+ couples were married on national television.

I was extremely moved and happy to witness the event, a progressive moment televised into millions of people’s living rooms around the country.

“No freedom ‘til we’re equal, damn right I support it.”

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