Venus Retrograde 2015: Relationship Karma goes full Frontal.

Via Crystal B.
on Jul 14, 2015
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Things are about to heat up and relationships are going to be the front and center theme.

Love will be at the core but how we value it and what it really means in our lives will come along for the ride.

If you’ve been questioning a connection (or non-connection) of any kind—these thoughts will likely ramp up as we get closer to the end of July. New love, old love, unrepairable love, love that’s really lust, love between friends, lost love, the absence of love and everything in between will be some of the themes in play.

All the intimate connections we have with others are about to take on a whole new meaning.

The reason behind it has to do with the pretty, little planet called Venus. She will be entering her rare retrograde phase on July 25th, 2015.

Astrologically, a Venus Retrograde period is one of the most important times for matters of love. It happens every 18 months to two years and every time Venus does her backwards dance, relationships end up being the topic on everyone’s minds.

Karma also plays into this period, which makes it all the more special. Anyone we meet or come head to head with may come with a new discovery or lesson. Having some awareness of the people we’re encountering during the Venus Retrograde period will be important. Some of us could feel like we’re burning through some karma. Others will be intertwined with people we’re deeply and karmically connected to.

These influences can play out in many different ways. Some of us will have the opportunity to meet someone totally unexpectedly and fall madly in love. Others could go through the process of repairing broken love. Lovers of the past can suddenly come back into the picture and new connections can take form. People that we never thought we’d connect to suddenly seem more attractive. The impossible becomes possible during this time.

It’s not all fairytales though, so let me be straight.

Discovering new connections can be difficult to absorb—especially if we’re not looking for them. Heartstrings have the tendency to be pulled and lots of questions about the love we have in our lives can also surface unexpectedly. Hard decisions may have to be made about whether second chances are really possible.

Love will take on a new façade and it may push some of us to explore new territory. The temptation to sway and cheat on our partners, in order to see if the grass is really greener, will be looming. Venus is the planet of love but she’s also the planet of desire. She wants what she wants and sometimes that creates the temptation to taste the forbidden fruit.

Our values are going to be a part of the equation too. Sometimes things align that help us see the beauty and value of what we already have .

This rare period will begin on July 25th, 2015. It will last for approximately six weeks and peak on September 6th, 2015. Interestingly enough, there will be a solar eclipse taking place shortly after Venus moves forward again. This means that many people are embarking on totally new cycles as the summer comes to a close.

For some that could manifest in the relationship area of their life.

We’ll be encountering lots of twists and turns through the rest of the summer. A Supermoon will be thrown into the mix as well—just to add a little extra dazzle.

As an astrologer, I’m eagerly awaiting the new type of energy that’s about to come into play. It’s a switch that’s needed and one that I’m reminding people about—especially those wrapped up in relationship turmoil. New connections are about to be formed and old ones discarded. Surprises are bound to come of it.

There are some other things to be aware of during Venus retrograde periods. While relationships are the focal point, there are other ways that this energy can manifest.

Reassessment about our looks can come out. Thoughts about getting a new look or doing something different with ourselves—façade wise—will ramp up. The energy at hand can help us take steps to restore confidence in the self-image department.

Astrologically, I’d recommend waiting till after September 6th, to do anything drastic (botox, plastic surgery). Beautifying results of this kind of nature can fall short of expectations while the planet of beauty moves back.

It’s also a good time to bring beauty back into our lives as well as into our surroundings.

A push to literally look around and see what truly makes us happy could surface. Adding new beauty elements (such as art or new decorative features) in our homes is something we could be prompted to do.

Venus also has connections to our health. Her retrograde period is a good time to look at whether or not we’re taking care of ourselves in the way we should. Maybe we’ve been caught up in helping others and started to neglect ourselves. This upcoming period is going to be a great time to focus on our health.

Money is another theme associated with Venus. Some of us may end up reassessing its value in our lives, during this period. Questions surrounding our worth and whether or not we’re getting properly compensated could begin to crop up.

So go ahead and mark your calendars: July 25th through September 6th 2015.

Get ready to connect and be entranced by all that Venus will be helping us discover, throughout this period.

We’ll feel much differently about certain relationships and ourselves by the end of it.

Venus is gearing up to help all us realign our awareness on love, relationships, what we value and what we’re worth. It’s a mystical, magical and important period that doesn’t come around all that often.

Take advantage of it and look forward to the surprises she has in store for each and every one of us.

Karma is calling in this summer of love.



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Author: Crystal B.

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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86 Responses to “Venus Retrograde 2015: Relationship Karma goes full Frontal.”

  1. bharat says:

    Excellent forecast. If given with degrees will be elaborative. I would be more happy as my feeling abreast with your. If you can see my DT of birth 01dec1962 @ 2.15 am baroda, Gujarat india will be more helpful as I am suffering a lot for many years. Heartfelt thanks beforehand

    • crystal b. says:

      Thank you for your comments and your honesty. Venus will begin her retro at 0 degrees Virgo (7/25/15) and retro back to approx. 14 degrees Leo. If you're looking for specific chart analysis, the best way to gain some additional insight is to go to my website and check out the AskTheCrystal column. Sending lots of positive energy your way and thank you again!

  2. Sophia Marie says:

    Thanks for your post! I really like your venus retro explanation. I am a pisces and venus will be retro in my 7th house for a week, and then back to my 6th. I am hoping it doesn't create any issues in my relationship, as my relationship is happy and solid. Does this issue create problems or does it coax people to reexamine existing issues? I guess it's silly to assume that this planet going retro for a week in a relationship house would stir up all kind of trouble (at least i hope it won't). Are there any positive aspects to the retrograde period regarding relationships? thanks!

    • Crystal B. says:

      Thanks for your comment! Of course there’s positives that come out of this period. Specifically for you, given that Venus will retro through your 6th, I’d suspect that you might begin to reassess your coworkers, working environment or living environment. Maybe you decide to bring some elements of beauty into your surroundings or maybe you reassess how you value your work or the relationship you have with certain coworkers. That’s the focal point for you but in order to get more details you would need to look at how all the aspects are affecting your chart specifically. If your relationship is solid than there is nothing to worry about.

  3. Sophia Marie says:

    Thank you so much for your response!

  4. Michael Gazonda says:

    I feel like I’ve started this a bit early. Makes me wonder what this will be like when it actually starts. Interesting though, and thank you.

  5. Michael Gazonda says:

    I feel like I've started this a bit early. Makes me wonder what this will be like when it actually starts. Interesting though, and thank you.

  6. adriendhago says:

    I just wrote emotionally about my feelings last night regarding relationships, love and the lacking satisfaction of it in my life at this moment. While valid feelings, this forecast combined with some insect totems I encountered over the week and a major move for which I preparing put everything into perspective! As hypersensitive to universal energy as I am now, it feels like I'm in the throes of it already, haha. This chance for reflection and change is welcomed and necessary though. Thanks again.

    • crystal b. says:

      I'm glad you were able to gain some perspective and as I mentioned above – we're in the shadow period so there are many people already feeling this energy. Thank you for your comments!

  7. alexandra says:

    Hi Crystal! Thank you for this article. It really helps understanding what is happening with me and why I get this mood swings so often. Today it was very strange as I woke up dwelling on my past love and feeling awful. I still haven t let it go and now in this period it hurts even more. It is so hard to stop thinking of it, it’s that need of feeling loved if you know what I mean. Can you help me please and tell me how can I make good use of this time of year? I am afraid it will be even worse. Thanks alot for you time Crystal. Just to mention I am a gemini born on the 9th of june 1991 at 7am, and he was a libra 5th october 89′

    • crystal b. says:

      Alexandra, thank you for your comments and honesty. I know that the feelings surrounding you are anything but easy to deal with. My first piece of advice is to practice some self love and do something special for yourself. It's amazing what can happen when you turn your attention inward vs. outward. The Venus retro through Leo can create high emotions but it's also going to be a period where you can discover what makes YOU happiest. My biggest advice is to stop and think about things that you enjoy doing and do them. I know it's not easy but remember that there are good things out there – despite the pain of this period. Hang in there! Sending good vibes your way!

    • Thea says:

      Wow we have the exact same birthdate and my boyfriends birthday is oct 5 1990 and I feel very similar to u that is sooooooooooooooo scary

  8. tony says:

    Hi there, I loved reading this article. I’m not all that versed in astrology but can you give me a heads up of what I should look out for. I was born on oct 24th 1984 (scorpio).

    Many thanks,

  9. anitaozolins says:

    Nice one! Well written! Let's see what happens 🙂

  10. Felicity says:

    My birthday is amidst a blue moon and all this Venus activity 18/07 I am a single mum to twins. Wondering what this all could mean for me?

    • crystal b. says:

      Felicity there are many various ways that this astrological influence could play out. I myself have children and I've had Venus retros strengthen my bond with them – so things don't always necessarily play out with just romantic relationships. If you wanted more specific detail into your sign, stop by my site for more detail. I have a lot of resources there.

  11. Kate says:

    Would you consider breast reconstruction surgery as cosmetic and therefore something that should be avoided during a Venus retrograde period?

    • crystal b. says:

      Kate the general astrological consensus would be to avoid cosmetic surgery while the planet of beauty goes through her retrograde. One might change their mind about the procedure once Venus moves forward again. However, everybody's personal situation is different and there are many varying reasons for reconstruction. All of that would need to be considered in order to give a personalized answer.

  12. Stacey says:

    Hi there. I am an Aquarius (Feb 11, 1974). Just wondering how the retro affects my life during this period. I’m asking because I have experienced a lot of relationship turmoil over the past few months. I’ve been feeling really heart broken and think it’s partly due to things I’ve held onto and also partly due to a connection that ended abruptly a few months back.

    • crystal b. says:

      Stacey, there's a lot of other influences going on along with the Venus retrograde. Chiron (the wounded healer) is also quite prominent and his influence has a lot to do with emotional hurts. You can find more info on my site about Chiron as well as specific sign info.

    • Jenny lynn says:

      I unexpectedly met someone in April long distance relationship but planning on moving where he was even before meeting him then suddenly a few months later everything fell apart I felt lost and still do at times I need to let go please help

  13. InTransit says:

    Hmmm…very interesting. I've been questioning my marriage for a few months now and things have been really rocky. Trying to figure out if the love can be repaired or not right now. Hopefully Venus retrograde will help highlight the right direction.

    • crystal b. says:

      Give it till Sept 6th (when Venus moves forward again) to see what happens. All the best to you.

  14. Mara says:

    I have been single for about 4 years and really would like to hook up with someone who is a keeper for a change. My Venus is in Leo and I am a Taurus with an Aries rising…………what can I expect?

    • crystal b. says:

      Mara, with Venus travelling through Leo it'll be more significant for you – especially since you are a Taurus (1 of the signs most associated with Venus). For more specific information on what to expect check out my horoscopes on my site:

  15. Cricri says:

    I was born in 1956 and I feel like I am stock in many ways. I would love to meet my soulmate just because I do not want to spend my life alone anymore but I feel like there is something that go against me and being happy. Can you help

  16. Tim says:

    Thanks for the article. I'm seeing someone and feel like it's progressing — like it might be ready to go to the next level — but some sources say NOT to do that during a Venus retrograde, and others say to do so!

    • crystal b. says:

      Thanks Tim! In the end, we always have to do what's right for us – no matter what anybody else says 😉 Good luck!

  17. Bea says:

    I have rescheduled my husbands dental surgery for after Sept 6th because it is largely cosmetic. As for me, I have been planning on starting a diet (the hcg protocol) again on Aug. 1st. I can't find a single thing on dieting during a Venus Rx. This is something I have done before successfully and can easily reschedule but oddly, I've been getting very mentally ramped up to do another round this last week. Not sure if I should. I want it to be successful as it is very mentally challenging as well as expensive. Any thoughts?

    • crystal b. says:

      Bea, I think in general that this Venus retro would be great for dieting since any improvement to your health is a good thing under a Venus retro. If you wanted more specific info, though, you would need to find out where Venus is actually retroing through your personal astrology chart. Additional details for each sign can be found on my site. Good luck!

  18. Ritika says:

    I have Venus in Leo in the 8th house natally retrograde but progressed direct. How do you see this period for natal Venus retrograde people? Personally I see myself evaluating finances for decorating my new place and a potential long time love coming back permanently. Curious about your interpretation….beautiful article!!! :)))

    • crystal b. says:

      Ritika, thank you for your comments and you pose an interesting question that I'd love to answer. In my experience, people born with Venus retro natally tend to feel the actual transit of retroing Venus more significantly. However, it's also stronger for people with strong Libra and Taurus given that those two signs work with Venus. For detailed house interpretation you can check out my horoscopes on my site but revaluating finances is definitely sounds like a manifestation of this period for you.

    • tamy says:

      hi Ritika , I am dealing with person who has NATAL VENUS RETRO IN 8th house , and I hope he will come back to me after 3 years of break up , did u say u are hoping potential long time love coming back to you permanently ? how has your experience been with venus retrograde times in a past ? thanks a lot

  19. Alicia says:

    Good lord, if this is what I'm experiencing in Venus' shadow period, then I'm certainly in for a wild ride. Thanks for this post! Excited to see how the next couple months play out.

  20. Sahkoya says:

    I m Virgo with scripio rising and aqurius moon and my Venus in libra . How’s it looking for me? I’ve been going though some really tough times in love money and family.. I just need a little bit hope to get me though. I just found out I’m pregnant about 17 weeks and the father is a real jerk I just need som guidance

    • crystal b. says:

      Sahkoya, first and foremost congratulations to you on your pregnancy. My #1 piece of advice is to focus on yourself this Venus retro and take care of you. Everything else will fall into line once you do that. Keep strong and feel free to stop by my site for other resources and insight.

  21. spotsnz says:

    Non-newagey spirituality aye?

  22. Heather says:

    I am a Scp and my ex is a Scp. I’ve had a friend who is Cap. I think they’re both out of my life; I haven’t been able to reach them in 2 weeks. I’m sure my ex is really gone; I can’t see him coming back. I don’t even know about my friend. Will this retrograde shed any light on the situation so that I know where I stand? I feel overwhelmed with sadness.

  23. Tam Anstess says:

    Hello Crystal 🙂

    I was intrigued by this article as on July 15th a man to whom I have not spoken to in over a year texted me!

    Back then we had a brief flirtation, chat service only, we never met in person.

    Could this be Venus and love in the making- or unresolved Karma? How might I tell? I often make poor judgements on men!

    Thanking you! Tam

  24. Emily says:

    I knew there was something big about to happen. I’ve been feeling it for days now, and literally just spent the last 31 hours scrubbing and throwing stuff away. I tried to explain to my boyfriend it feels like right before I had my babies when everything just looked dirty and unorganized so I spent weeks prepping for the birth. I’m doing that same exact thing this week! The 25th is my boyfriends daughters birthday, and my ex brother in laws birthday. The 26th is my brothers “non – anniversary, as they are now divorced) and the 27th is my and my sisters non – anniversary. Also the birthday of my boyfriends now ex wife, and the day she told him she was cheating. We intend to spend the day at the fair to create foe ourselves and our children, a better memory of that date. I’d actually considered proposing to him on that day. And my youngest sons birthday is the 28th, then the 31st is my dad and ex husband’s bday followed by my eldest in the first week of august. So much!!

    • Dena says:

      I did the same exact thing and even started thinking, "My tubes are tied so I can't be pregnant, but what if I'm pregnant?? Why else would I feel such a strong need to clean and reorganize??"

  25. tamy says:

    thank u in advance for your response :

    he is born with NATAL VENUS RETRO , he broke up 3 YEARS ago with me , I CAN’T Get over Him , is iT possible He might come back ? thank u again for your input

  26. PPB says:

    Very interesting and hopefully accurate for me. Being a Scorpio and not being involved in any sort of relationship, a date or even an acquaintance for the past 5 years has been extremely tough – I so long for a "mate" and partner in crime very much!

  27. julie says:

    Would this be a time that we could find out if your partner cheated in the past or is presently?

    • crystal b. says:

      Julie, Venus retros are notoriously known for people not only straying on their partner but also finding out. The whole "Ashley Madison" site hack is a prime current example of this effect of Venus retro in motion.

  28. dante says:

    So, would it be a good or bad time, to seek answers from someone you split up with only a month (or two) ago as to why?

    • crystal b. says:

      Dante the answer really depends on the happenings of your specific chart. But in general this period could certainly reveal the reasons why. I'd keep my eye on the Full Moons in particular which really heighten awareness. There's one coming on 7/31 and then one at the end of August which will actually be a Supermoon. Check out my site for my August Astrology update which will be released at the end of the week.

  29. Minie says:

    I have venus at 10 degrees virgo in 11th house in my birth chart. I am a libra rising with saturn. Do you think I can successfully make changes to my diet during this time?

    • crystal b. says:

      Minie for specific charts info you would need to check out my member horoscopes or contact me directly to look at the specifics of your chart. However, what I can tell you is that in general I like Venus retro for dieting. But what I like EVEN MORE than Venus retro is the fact that Jupiter is about to enter Virgo and that is going to be GREAT for being disciplined and goal oriented. Check out my site for my upcoming August Astrology Update for more details. It will be released by the end of the week.

  30. j says:

    What can I expect for a long ago first love? We’ve remained in touch for 14 years so far.

    I’m Feb 14,1986 and he was born Feb 2,1982.

    • crystal b. says:

      Perhaps additional insight into the nature of your relationship. The specifics would really depend on the happenings of your astrology charts. If anything, just wait and see what the next month and a half reveals.

  31. Larry Kosch says:

    My name is Larry. I’m an Aquarius born on Jan 25. My wife Diane is a Virgo. She was born on Aug 30. We have been married for 12 years now. In the last couple of years I have been battling a medical condition. Recently I have been feeling better and have made much improvements. In the early hours of July 25, which is today, we had what could be our best sex in our married life! Could this Venus retrograde been a coincidence or what? We had great sex when we first met. In the last two years it has off course, on the sidelines. Now it is like WOW!! Wondering if this will continue until Sept 6th??

  32. ljkosch65 says:

    Hi Chrystal! My name is Larry. I'm an Aquarius, born January 25. My wife Diane is a Virgo, born August 30. We have been married for 12 years. Early this morning, July 25, my wife and I had probably the best sex session in our 12 years together. With Venus going into retrograde on the same day, is this a coincidence or what? When we first met, the sex was great. In the last couple of years, I've been struggling with a medical condition. Needless to say, our sex life went down the chute, sent to the sidelines. Recently I have begun to feel better and has improved greatly. My next question: Will this continue until Sept 6th, when the retrograde ends? We are planning a vacation trip to Yellowstone National Park in the third week of August. Can I expect our romantic interludes to be intensified? Anything different I should plan for our trip?? Thanks for a great informational article about the Venus retrograde and for your help!! Larry

    • crystal b. says:

      Larry this is a great question and intimacy is something that really comes up during this period as well. I can't look into the specifics of your charts here on this Q&A but I invite you to check out my site and see the resources I have available there. There were other combinations happening on 7/25 which also likely tied into this shift for the both of you. My upcoming August Astrology update is going to be released at the end of the week and there's important insight to be aware of since you're thinking of particular times. Something else to make note of is that Virgo is about to start a whole new 12 yr cycle and a positive time awaits them. This could certainly play into your relationship and help. Good luck and enjoy!

  33. Jessica says:

    I’m struggling with my relationship right now and the tension is so overwhelming. At the same time, my long lost admire started to contact me again, but I don’t think I can take it seriously. I’m just hoping my crisis would end, whether we’re going to take different paths or fixing the relationship. I’m a Cancerian and I’m wondering whether it gives effects on other people too.

    • crystal b. says:

      Jessica, I can totally appreciate that this is a difficult time and feel for your struggle. Take it one day at a time right now and keep strong. The venus retrograde absolutely has different effects on everyone. It all depends where it's playing out in your personal astrology. I'm sending you all the best.

  34. jen says:

    Hello my birthday is 7/26/74 I have searched and wanted true love. My picker seems to be broken. I am living with someone and thought it was great until the 24th when we broke up unexpectedly… Basically said sorry when I said I love you I meant it but I changed my mind…

    • crystal b. says:

      Jen, I'd focus on you right now rather than your relationship. The next month and a half could reveal some important insight and rather than grieve for what is gone – perhaps be hopeful for what's to come. Take it one day at a time right now and try to do little things for yourself to get through this period. What you discover might surprise you. All the best.

  35. Susan says:

    It’s a shame a read this a day after it started. Yesterday, my problems began. I’m on close watch now that I know what’s going on. I’m hoping for the best. I wish I knew what I can do to bring back trust in the relationship. The day was so great, then it went downhill at night.

    • crystal b. says:

      Hang in there Susan. When the Venus retro is over you may actually be in place of understanding your relationship better. Take things one day at a time for now and keep strong — it does all eventually all come together.

  36. Elle says:

    Hi Crystal,

    This week I met the man who I believe is my soulmate and the man who I am meant to marry. We met on Thursday, 7/30 and are dating. Tonight someone at a party today told me it will not work because I met him when venus is retrograde. I really feel like he’s the one. Can you please shed some light as to if this person is correct in what she told me? I’m a march 10 1974 pisces and he’s an aquarius, January 25 1970. Thank you SOOOOO much.

    • crystal b. says:

      Hi Elle,
      I can't look at personal charts but I can shed some insight for you. I think it's unfair of anyone to take hope away from someone feeling such strong feelings. However, it'll be important for you to not make any big decisions about the relationship itself until after September 6th. There's still more to your story that's unfolding and you won't really be able to fully comprehend it till after that point. Enjoy your time right now and see what the next month delivers! Good luck!

    • Dena says:

      A Pisces woman with an Aquarius man is just asking for a world of hurt, imho. I'm an Aquarius female and have caused so much pain for the Pisces people in my life; we are not built to offer the kind of ongoing emotional support you require. Aquarians can come on very strongly and make you feel like one of a kind with our curious and flattering attention, but this is only in the beginning until we become comfortable and go back to our other myriad interests and short-term obsessions.

  37. lc60607 says:

    Hi Crystal,
    This week I met the man who I believe is my soulmate and the man who I am meant to marry. We met on Thursday, 7/30 and are dating. Tonight someone at a party today told me it will not work because I met him when venus is retrograde. I really feel like he's the one. Can you please shed some light as to if this person is correct in what she told me? I'm a march 10 1974 pisces and he's an aquarius, January 25 1970. Thank you SOOOOO much.

  38. leroy says:

    Thank you for your article! You are really insightful. I have a question – In my astrological chart, Venus is in Scorpio and in retrograde. What does that mean for this period?

    I feel really strange the past few weeks, like I can’t breathe sometimes…Everything just seems so intense… I also just met someone new who is turning my word upside down…

    • crystal b. says:

      Hey Leroy!
      Thank you for your kind words. People with Venus retrograde natally can feel this period stronger especially in the beginning and the end of the phase. However, I would bet that you're feeling some other planetary influences along with the effects of this Venus retro. Check out my site, facebook/twitter and you'll see there's a lot going on right now. Keep strong and take it one moment at a time 🙂 All the best!

  39. sapphire g says:

    I am Libra rising and my Venus is in Libra in my natal chart. Also, Libra is in my 12th house. Venus Retrograde is here so what does this mean for me?


  40. T.H. says:

    Hi Crystal! So I’m a Scorpio Female, and started a relationship with a Cancer Male around March of this year. We’re both just starting out in college (he’s a sophmore now, I’m a junior) and it was a really unexpected relationship because I’m in a military family and was to move during May. We decided that we were going to break things off until my family said I could move back to continue school. It was then that right before I left he decided for us to take a break because he was feeling overwhelmed, but he said he had this weird feeling before we even started our relationship. To give you a good idea, our relationship was absolutely amazing and we never really had any bad parts, our connection was strong, and so since he wanted a break I was quite taken aback. We’ve been apart all summer but have spent about every other week talking for a couple days. I’m about to move back and then we’ll see each other again and he was going to let me know how he felt about us at this current point in time, but I was wondering if the Venus retrograde would affect that since it talks about not starting new relationships, or does that not apply to a ‘break’?

  41. Christ says:

    Hi there, i recently (June 28), broke up with my boyfriend in a real confusing, abrupt, crazy manner. either way he is a libra sun 23 of sept, and away for work…….and U was wondering if because he is governed by venus. if he will come back to me? or try to communicate again?

  42. Anne says:

    My question is regarding my career and my dob is 8th Jan 1974. 00:55am born. Would like to know when I can expect to continue in my career as I have a break of 10 months

  43. SHarom says:

    I purposely have not read anything about Venus retrograde, but after my last two weeks, I had to get some insight. Thank you for the verification of what has been happening in my life since the end of July. Needless to say it has been tremulous, considering I am a Taurus and Venus is my ruling plant.

  44. kerry says:

    If i don't share my testimony then i will be selfish….stingy and an ungrateful woman.
    Dr Lucky the great brought back joy…happiness…into my life and took away tears..sorrow by bring back my marriage of 10 years with my husband with just on come and go reunion spell.
    i was a sad woman before i meet Dr Lucky but it took him just 24 hrs to change everything now am happy again because my man is always by my side. sharing this testimony so other people who are suffering from relationship problem can know that there is still hope with people like Dr Lucky around.
    pls contact him directly on : Email: [email protected].
    Mrs kerry wilson

  45. tina says:

    Just remember, its not summer everywhere and season doesn't really play a part in planets u should/maybe be aware of. DaaaaaAaAAAAA…So Venus retrograde does come to a close with summer end..omg…daaaaaAAaa…Aussie Spring is just starting….again …daaaaaaaaa

  46. jananee says:

    Iam Aquarius boyfriend left me on 20 july …will he come back to me ?

  47. Ella says:

    Hi, I had been dating this guy off and on for 4 yrs. I was hoping in turned into something special, but he ended the relationship officially August 8th. He said he was interested in someone else and that he was going to pursue that path. He has been very mean and combative with me, despite him saying he wanted to remain friends as we work together. It this a symptom of venus retrograde or just a coincidence?

  48. Beth says:

    My BF for 3 years broke up with me on 7/26. He was very mean for about a month before and kept questioning my intentions. I’m sure this had to do with Venus retrograde. Sigh

  49. anita wairimu wachira says:

    I want to know if I will get back with the man I love or if we will ever solve our issues

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