March 31, 2008

Boulder’s Lost Opportunity – Earth Hour 2008… or lack there-of

Sitting and reading the Sunday NYtimes, there was an article focusing on our little eco-minded town nestled in the foothills. The title of the article was “Sixteen Square Miles Surrounded by Reality”. Even though you would think that this is a term coined by a visiting journalist, it’s not. This is the term that is promoted on Boulder’s Chamber of Commerce. Even though it’s appropriate claim that hails our little Boulder bubble, the feeling is that our smugness might have gotten to us. Our way of life is great; we get to bike, enjoy the outdoors, feel safe and nearly-utopian but this common expectation might be putting our head in the clouds. Case in point : This Saturday night, there was an event called Earth Hour where from 8-9pm, people turned off their lights to symbolically raise awareness about energy consumption. Even though I didn’t hear about it til I saw that Google was black, I thought Boulderites would be all over this eco world event. Here’s my video about it :

Earth Hour – Boulder, Colorado from alex king on Vimeo.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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