ele:REVIEW – HybridLight Solar-Powered Flashlight

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on Mar 24, 2008
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Solar Flashlight! > via Marisa Ware
Every year, Americans buy and discard 3,000,000,000 batteries-which contain toxic metals like mercury, cadmium and nickel that get into our waterstream and do naughty things to Mother Earth. Here’s an eco-option to battery-powered flashlights. This lightweight, durable hybrid combines power from built-in solar panel along with rechargeable batteries, providing up to 16 hours straight of light (if you’re say, camping in Iceland) and keeping at least a few batteries out of our landfills. 


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3 Responses to “ele:REVIEW – HybridLight Solar-Powered Flashlight”

  1. Kev-H says:

    The only problem is that there might be a prolonged period of darkness after the apocalypse. What then? I’m sticking with the shake variety.

  2. cjpk says:

    you are an idiot

  3. Kevin Purvis says:

    After the apocalypse YOU, Kev, will also become part of the 'shake variety' and will in any event glow in the dark long after you stop shaking.
    Kevin P.