April 24, 2008

Featured Video: Living Well vs. Doing Good?

Like most people, Alex King, ele’s videoman, is full of contradictions. On one hand, he’s passionate about getting the word out about the climate change, but on on the other, he’s also passionate about cars. And while the Prius and other hybrids may look sexy to the undiscerning eye, they’re no comparison to Alex’s 1967 Alfa GTV. His latest video project explores this vital question: how do we, as a modern society, reconcile the desire to save our planet with the desire to keep doing what is convenient and easy and fun (like flying across the country for a vacation—as I did this week, or ditching our race car fetish, or skipping over meat on the restaurant menu)? Alex explores this conundrum in a fun, experimental documentaty-esque film, featuring clips from ele’s 2007 interview with Bill McKibben.

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