April 16, 2008

Photo of the Week via Corey Kohn

Down in New Mexico for a visit, Uncle Earl makes us breakfast in the morning, and then shows me around the vegetable patches and flower beds laid out under the giant apricot tree in the back yard. The dry air and bright sunlight coming over the garden wall reminds me so much of the place my grandma had when I was little, also in Santa Fe—the reminiscence so sensory and strong that I imagine I can walk into the house and feel the cool tiles of the old adobe on my bare feet and find her in the kitchen, one hand holding the phone to her ear, the other reaching out to pull me close to her side. She and that house aren’t around anymore, but if she were, I imagine she’d like to sit in the shade of this apricot tree with the cat, in her son’s yard that reminds me of her.
~ Corey Kohn

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