April 24, 2008

ele: Review – Plan B, 3.0 by Lester Brown

Even though I’m reviewing Plan B 3.0 for an upcoming issue, the latest headlines have made me decide that this just can’t wait. Plan B 3.0 is probably the scariest book I’ve ever read, particularly considering how much of Brown’s predictions are coming true. In addition to the number of airlines that have declared bankruptcy in the past six months (Oasis Hong Kong, Aloha, ATA, Skybus, Frontier, Champion Airlines, and Delta isn’t looking so good these days), the World Wildlife Fund has recently released a study warning that the Arctic ice is melting faster than predicted and will soon be “at the point of no return”. In addition, Costco and Sam’s Club are now limiting their sales of rice due to supply issues. If you haven’t picked up an issue of Plan B 3.0, you can download it for free as a .pdf at the Earth Policy website. I’m firmly convinced that the more people that read this book and take action, the faster we can make the changes happen, and they need to happen, like, yesterday.

Spread the word, apply some pressure, and let’s make the changes.

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