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on Jul 19, 2008
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Imagine a new generation of gas station. 

Old Sinclair becomes a new modern market. Pull up to the pump and the owner of the gas station greets you with a cappuccino, for-here. A restored antique truck with higher M.P.G. than your average S.U.V. pulls up next to a new wave Smart Car, and pumps 100% domestic oil next to a sign saying, “Foreign Oil is Crude.”

Imagine a zero waste facility with pump-side recycling/composting stations; the traditional convenience store replaced with rolling aisles of organic groceries and snacks. No A.T.M., lottery tickers or tobacco—this is a “Cancer Free Zone.” Employees get paid above-market wages and get a bonus if they bike or walk to work. Imagine a row of road bikes outside—and inside a clickety-clack spandex-clad cycling team is fueling up with Italian espresso and local Organic Valley milk. 

Welcome to the modern gas station, re-imagined for a sustainable society. ~Abbey Smith, curator.

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