Frank Capra believes in Global Warming: Video.

Via elephant journal
on Jul 29, 2008
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Frank Capra does Global Warming.

Global Warming: Old News

The images are eerily familar. Icebergs crashing into the sea. Traffic on highways. Smokestacks. Seems this inconvenient truth is something we’re gonna have to face sooner or later…and as a society we’re like, “mmm, let’s go with ‘later.'”

Many of us have seen this video before, when it last made the viral rounds. This week, the Red, Green and Blue blog re-reminded me of this old timey video.

From text accompanying the video itself: “For FIFTY YEARS scientists have known about global warming. This exerpt is from the well known educational documentary “Unchained Goddess” produced by Frank Capra for Bell Labs for their television program “The Bell Telephone Hour.” It was so well made, that it went on to live a continued life in middle school science classrooms across the nation for decades.

Nearly half a century before Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth,” this film was made. But what does it reveal? That our scientists have known for over two generations about this danger, but our politicians and citizenry have chosen to ignore the dangerous implications of this fact until it really is too late to avoid the preventable consequences.

Perhaps we deserve our fate.”


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3 Responses to “Frank Capra believes in Global Warming: Video.”

  1. Evan Ravitz says:

    True, but probably 99%+ of citizens didn’t know about this. It was industry buying politicians to keep this knowledge under wraps -not to mention to get our subsidies (still!) to the fossil fuel industries.

    Buying Congress is likely the world’s best investment, paying off at 1000 to 1, according to several sources, including Jack Abramoff, in the 3rd paragraph of

    I built and documented solar homes in the ’70s. ( But the buzz bought by the fossil industries then was that solar wouldn’t be ready for 20 years. Still very few homes are built to take advantage of the sun for heating. It doesn’t need any material more hi-tech than glass, just knowledge.

  2. Shannon McNeeley says:

    Actually, it goes back even farther than that to 1896 when Swedish scientist, Svante Arrhenius, first explained the role of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel combustion in creating a “greenhouse effect” that could/would warm the planet in the future beyond natural cycles.

    His theory was forgotten about for quite some time as then it was assumed that natural cycles caused by solar and volcanic activity along with oceanic processes were responsible for the Earth’s temperature and human influence couldn’t possibly be significant enough to have an effect.

    It took until 1987 until the global scientific community was able to reach some sort of consensus on the topic, and until 2007 for them to be able to say with nearly 100% certainty that a) the planet has warmed and b) that humans are responsible for some of that warming.