’s Graham Hill: the Power of Green Media. At LOHAS.

Via Alex King
on Jul 16, 2008
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Years ago, back in the dark days of pre-Green Fad-dom (2004), our smoggy future looked black.

Four years later, (as you’ve heard) Green is the new Black. What happened?

A significant player in our society’s shift has been Graham Hill’s—a popular web site whose modern, hip, thorough approach to environmentally-responsible journalism helped catalyze the momentum that came out of Gore’s Inconvenient Truth—and turn our nation’s newfound inspiration into practical, effective action. Now, Treehugger’s joined up with the Discovery Network to launch Planet Green, the first 24-hour eco-focused TV channel—and the dream home if ever there was one for yours truly—’elevision’—elephant journal’s fun, yet fundamentally serious talk show.

elephant journal’s editor-in-chief, Waylon Lewis, asks Graham how and why he’s done so much—what’s next—and, in a coarse attempt to curry favor in Planet Green’s circles for his nightly talk show, ‘Walk the Talk Show,’ slips Graham a fiver.

Our friends at just linked to this (update: as did Treehugger itself, we were briefly on the front page). Go and support ’em with comment, and check out their vast array of mindful (fair-trade and such) gifts.


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24 Responses to “’s Graham Hill: the Power of Green Media. At LOHAS.”

  1. admin says:

    If you like Graham Hill, you’ll love Elena Brower!

  2. Kei says:

    As usual, Waylon’s witty and profound interview rocks. It is always exciting to view Elephant’s (his) interviews because Waylon deciphers the messages from the guests in a way that is entertaining but always inquisitive and informative. Waylon’s deep understanding of the issues is never accessorized with big words but rather tries to break the ice with jokes with the guests to get some true inner feelings out. Great Job, Waylon!

  3. admin says:

    next talk show: this Wednesday at Boulder Theater ( for cheaper tix) with Robert Thurman (father of Uma, pal of Dalai Lama) Flogging Molly & Jim Gimain, publisher of Shambhala Sun & Buddhadharma…silent auction to benefit Tibet Village Project.

  4. Winston Garland says:

    Elevision should be a show on Planet Green. Make it happen, Graham Hill.

  5. barb says:

    Wow!!!!! I love this video and interview. Thank goodness there is so much dedication at Elephant magazine and elevision to document all of these fabulous people and the work they do for us.I can’t wait to see the Robert Thurman interview!

  6. Todd says:

    Another great interview. I’m going to echo Winston’s comment… Elevision really should be on Planet Green!

  7. admin says:

    at 2:40 that’s a reference to Ideal Bite’s recent $15 million sale to Disney readallaboutit

  8. Way to go Waylon, Graham and Alex— greening the paved way!

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  10. Graham Hall says:

    I used to live in a tree. No really. Stumbled over your website…it’s interesting. Green as aspirational? Hmmmm…. the philosophy of green thinking is axiomatic…so little resource v so many people. Re tree dwelling…I’m drawn back…give it up, let it go. Simplicity is everything. Peace! PS – comfort’s overrated.

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  12. Luke says:

    I read that Graham Hill is going to be speaking at the Green Inaugural Ball. That is going to be a great event.

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  14. […] Graham Hill founded, the biggest green web site that helped turn ‘environmentalism’ into something hip, modern and grock-able. And he’s still going strong, now that Treehugger’s been bought up by Planet Green, the first 24-hour green TV channel (which is itself owned by Discovery, one of the few cool networks) and the reason I finally caved and got me a big TV (via barter) and cable, which is mostly a time-sucker. […]

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  18. […] down ladies (and eco-minded entrepreneurs): coverboy Graham Hill, founder of Treehugger (the world’s largest green media company), is on the cover of Inc. […]

  19. ghill fan says:

    Graham hill Cover Boy on Inc Mag. I love the fact that they have him {au naturel)in jeans,sneaks and a long t(.sweeeet.!)The virtual company and working from anywhere seems like an ideal life.
    I feel that G deserves alot of recognition for his www. His mission was to bring Green mainstream. MISSION complete!

  20. Fausto Eager says:

    This is a great piece, I found your website researching yahoo for a related theme and came to this. I couldnt get to much other details on this piece of writing, so it was wonderful to find this one. I will certainly end up being back again to check out some other posts that you have another time.

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