It’s almost like China around here: Tibet has Vanished from the News.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Aug 2, 2008
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Long forgotten: the Goddess of LIberty at the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.


Only a couple of months after the international protests of the torch relay and violence in Tibet, you gotta look long and hard to find evidence of China’s oppression of the Tibetan people. Or, for that matter, it’s own people. In a country where Google searches for dangerous words like ‘democracy,’ ‘Dalai Lama’, ‘Tiannamen’ or ‘Tibet’ are censored (with our cooperation), in a country that makes its own labor-force so dirt cheap it’s cheaper to ship our products halfway around the world and back than make ’em in our own backyard, in a country that killed one in six Tibetans in 1959, forcibly sterilized women (including, er, nuns), burned Buddhist libraries and defecated on Buddhist statues…in a Communist nation founded by a man who killed more than Hitler and Stalin…combined…in a country that’s mowed down the forests of Tibet and buried tons of nuclear waste in the mountains from whence water originates for more than 1/3 the population of the entire planet…the New York Times leads off an ‘incisive’ look into the state of China as the Olympics approach by remarking on the poor air quality. 


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3 Responses to “It’s almost like China around here: Tibet has Vanished from the News.”

  1. Veracity says:

    It is time for international intervention on the Tibet issue.
    Politicians, form every country, for five decades, have rung their hands in public over the atrocity of the illegal Chinese occupation, but never shown the least bit if courage to make a tangible impact.
    Time is fast running out for Tibet under the perverse policies of the occupying Han Chinese.
    Now time has come for righteous politicians from the so called civilized nations to bring this issue to the UN, and as a first step force the Han Chinese regime to accept at least some semblance of accepted international human rights standards, all of which they’re signatories to.

    Every self respecting nation calling itself civilized should immediately:

    • Declare Tibet an occupied nation.
    • Recognize the Tibetan Government in exile.
    • Force China to cease its illegal occupation through intense, coordinated international pressure.
    • Postulate the issue before the UN and bring about resolutions to the same effect.

    The Dalai Lama’s good intentions are being exploited to the full by the CCP and made a mockery of, by their resorting to puerile berating of his HH, and questioning his legitimacy.

    The legitimacy question is China’s alone.
    ‘China’ is a perverse construct by the Han Chinese; they’ve invented the grotesque fantasy of the ‘nation family of 56 ethnic groups’ to masquerade their illegal occupation, annexation and settlement of these ethnic minorities’ lands.

    This anachronistic, colonial and thoroughly racist empire is doomed to failure; they rose by, and just manage to hold onto power by the barrel of the gun.
    Remove the gun, and with it evaporates their raison d’être, and their perceived ‘legitimacy’ arising from it.

    Free Tibet now.

    Great Blog btw.

  2. Leo Kim says:

    Will the 29th Olympiad be mere shallow commercialism and retoric or will there be evidence of the Olympic flame igniting passion for real issues of the spirituality of oneness, and setting the bar higher for our leaders? I address these in my blog: The Olympics, Science, and Spirituality: Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, repression …

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