Embodi: Live Long, Live Better…a Natural Drink that’s Yummy yum.

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on Sep 4, 2008
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Being a wine lover, I was excited to try Embodi—a non-alcoholic beverage with all the benefits of vino, but without the alcohol (so you can drink ’em at work!). It comes in this super-cool re-sealable 8-ounce aluminum bottle, which is more easily recycled than plastic, more environmental to transport than glass and lets in no light (thus maintaining the potency of the antioxidants).

Embodi is made from an organic juice blend mixed with the grape extract of skins, seeds and stems giving it the “antioxidant benefit of red wine without the alcohol.”  It felt healthy, but had that tacky tongue feeling like the bottom of a glass of wine. All three flavors tasted slightly similar and were a bit dry and puckery…still, I found myself slamming them down with enjoyment come mid-day, nice and cold out of the fridge.  

And hey…no hangover! 

Review via ele’s accountant, Samara Stein.


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