Monavie Acai: Boost Your Energy, Satiate Your Hunger, Fill Up on Antioxidants.

Via Merete Mueller
on Sep 8, 2008
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Acai (ah-sigh-ee) is the hottest new wonderfood, grown deep in the Amazonian rainforest and brought to us health-hungry Americans via companies like Sambazon, Bossa Nova and Monavie

You probably already know that the purple berry contains a greater concentration of anti-oxidants (they help prevent cancer, ’nuff said) than blueberries or red wine, that it’s an energy booster and that because it must be shade-grown, its cultivation actually helps preserve the rainforest. But Monavie takes a different spin on the ancient fruit, serving their acai in small supplemental shots, rather than as a smoothie or a juice. 

Abel Villacorta of Monavie stopped by the elephant offices last March, and presented our staff with four elegant, wine-sized bottles of the supplement, instructing us to take 1-2 shots per day. It’s tasty, so at first I had to stop myself from pouring a full glass (and at the price of $40 per bottle, you’ll want to conserve). But I soon found that a few tablespoons was more than enough: I usually downed a shot when my tummy started rumbling at 11am, and then I’d find myself too juiced up to eat lunch. Great for an early morning pick-me-up or a 4pm boost. The individual squeeze packs, while far from eco, are perfect for on-the-go snacking or on the way to the gym. 

Order Monavie online, or become a distributor yourself. 


About Merete Mueller

Merete is a writer and filmmaker, and was once-upon-a-time the Managing Editor of elephant journal's print incarnation, from 2006-2008. Today, you can find her on Twitter @meretemueller and on her blog To The Bones. Her first documentary, "TINY: A Story About Living Small", about people who have downsized their lives into homes the size of a parking space, premiered at SXSW in March 2013.


12 Responses to “Monavie Acai: Boost Your Energy, Satiate Your Hunger, Fill Up on Antioxidants.”

  1. Kristoff says:

    Two words come to mind. Non-local and elitist.

  2. admin says:

    This from a great friend in the eco/natural products biz: “Dude promoting Monavie on your site?

    This is a multi-level-marketing company that is not a friend of the organic/conscious movement-

  3. Acai Advocate says:

    So here’s the deal, it’s pretty simple, Monavie™ is a juice concoction with less than 15% Açai in it.

    So a 25oz bottle has about 4 oz of açai in it- and people pay like $45 for it!

    By comparison you can the actual açai fruit pulp at health food stores for about $1.50 for 3.5 oz (about the same amount of acai in that $45 bottle)

    or get bottles of Açai juice or smoothies for $3 that also have more acai in them than that $45 bottle (seriously- come on).

    – plus they taste good and are organic (Monavie contains artificial preservatives like sodium benzoate). A “health drink” probably shouldn’t have artificial preservatives in it should it?

    If it’s Açai that it so great (and it is)- find the real açai products from reputable companies.

    I’m getting more Açai in one day than the average Monavie™ person is in 2 weeks- and paying less – not to mention I’m not the guy calling my friends and family trying to get them to join my pyramid (less than 1% of Monavie people qualify for a paycheck- save your reputation).

  4. Surprisingly prejudiced commentary from such a mindful audience!

    First off, Kristoff…

    Look at your organic grocery list; the majority of food doesn’t come from local sources, neither does all the clothing we’re wearing. It’s unrealistic to ask people in Alaska and in Canada, even in Colorado, to eat only local. We’re in a semi-arid climate here! The only way to uphold your point of view is to get rid of humans. Reality is, the world isn’t making fewer humans, but thousands more ever second! People in many parts of the world would starve during the winter months. Most LOCAL manufacturing companies who everyone praises have their ingredients sourced from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

    Elitist? Have you checked the prices of local fruits at the Boulder Farmer’s Market lately? Do you think low income people can afford that food? Local, organic food is expensive! MonaVie is for EVERYONE. What food can we consume now for free? What food pays you? MonaVie provides anyone (with an open mind) a world of possibilities. With MonaVie, in addition to benefiting from one of the best anti-oxidant blended beverages available in the world, you also allow a food expense to become an asset, allowing you to make money and thus help those around you, the communities around you and the communities from where the ingredients come.

    Second, admin…

    MonaVie IS a friend of the organic/conscious movement. In fact, the acai in MonaVie is 100% organic, third party certified and is some of the most potent acai you can get on your table. Unlike most of the organic fruits we buy at Whole Foods, the acai in MonaVie is picked at the peak of maturity, so the fruit has all the time to ripen on the tree and get the full phytonutrient and anti-oxidant content. Next, it is frozen immediately and freeze-dried, which is the most expensive and best way to lock in the antioxidant potency of the fruit for later consumption.

    The acai berry is actually helping protect the rainforest. As I mentioned above, not only is the acai berry providing people of Amazonia with an living income, it is also helping preserve the trees that were being cut down for the production of hearts of palm, that fine delicacy people put in their organic salads. Amazonian people are now protecting these 100 foot trees and harvesting the berries twice a year instead of cutting them down for a one-time paycheck. In addition, MonaVie and all of it’s distributors have donated millions of dollars to the MonaVie MORE Project, a humanitarian effort that is helping the impoverished people living in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to have a life closer to the privileged life we have – one free of prostitution, poverty, and violence.

    Third and last, Acai Advocate…

    MonaVie does not disclose the percentage of acai in MonaVie. This is proprietary information that has not been released to the public. Look in your cupboard at the ingredient list of any of the food products. Manufacturers do not disclose how much of any of the ingredients is in their products to protect their proprietary recipes. They simply list the ingredients in order of predominance. Acai is the first ingredient in MonaVie. MonaVie is a food supplement and not a drug and is not intended to treat cure or prevent any disease. Four ounces of MonaVie provides your body with 4,000-5,000 ORAC units. That is as much as your body can assimilate, anything more and your kidneys go to work to excrete it.

    The acai in MonaVie is far superior to the acai found in most “acai” products. It contains the full fruit picked at the peak of maturity, including, skin, pulp, and seed sediment, which contains all the amino acids, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. The frozen acai packets are decaying fruit and thus do not have the same antioxidant potency as the acai in MonaVie. This has been third party tested by Dr. Alexander Schauss.

    In addition, MonaVie is not hanging it’s hat on just one fruit, it is blended with other super fruits like wolfberries, pomegranate, aronia, bilberry, and 14 additional nutrient-dense fruits. MonaVie is about variety so you can get all the colors of the rainbow in 4 ounces of MonaVie.

    MonaVie is cheap preventative nourishment. It only costs $3.21-$4.50 per day.

    MonaVie is delicious and is rising to be the leading functional beverage in the functional beverage category because it works! MonaVie had reached sales of more than $1.4 billion in a little more than 3 years because people love it and have seen tremendous positive effects from this amazing juice beverage.

    Try it for 90 days, you’ll love it and be hooked.

  5. Pete says:

    For the cost of a Starbucks a day… think not from where the product comes – but does it do you good? Live long (as they say) and prosper.

  6. Vio says:

    You gotta try it before you knock it! The juice and the business. It is REAL! If you work anywhere corporate, that is the biggest pyramid. You will never make more than your boss, your CEO, the owner, etc. I have a guy that came on board under me on my tree and is sharing it with everyone he knows and has already surpassed me and my closest upline. This juice works and so does the business. Just be OPEN, BELIEVE, DRINK & SHARE THE HEALTH AND THE WEALTH. No other system is as giving. It’s about helping people live a better life. You just gotta understand it and what it’s truly about. Network Marketing is here to stay. Economist and entrepreneuer Paul Zane Pilzer, Trump and Robert Kisasaki confirm this new trend. As the economy, housing and stock markets are on the down stream, people in this business are reaping financial benefits. So learn and get in it.

  7. acai lover says:

    a few points to consider

    The Business Proposition
    – less than 1% of Monavie people qualify for a commission and less than 10% of that 1% make more than $100/week- but maybe you got what it takes to get all your friends and family and dont care about your reputation

    The Value Proposition
    For $45 you’re getting about the same amount of acai that you would get in 1 pack (100grams) of acai pulp that costs $1.50 at Whole Foods- even if Monavie was 100% acai it would still be a big rip off

    The Quality
    please don’t bother with the quality comments because the stuff ships in shelf stable bottles (acai’s fats go rancid at room temp) with artificial preservatives-

    They do a tremendous job at selling the “acai dream” lots of points about quality- etc but it’s all scripted by marketing geniuses at the top of the pyramid- don’t be a victim

  8. Some FACTUAL POINTS to consider

    The MonaVie Business.
    MonaVie is a company with tremendous integrity. Through an Income Disclosure Statement, MonaVie publishes how much its independent distributors make. MonaVie is a privately-owned company (and thus, does not have to disclose this information) but is transparent so every one can see the income one can make if he or she devotes a few hours per week to it.

    Check it out:

    You’ll notice that 56% of all MonaVie Distributors qualify for commissions–those labeled “Star” and Above. Exactly 55% MORE than the 1% number acai advocate and/or acai lover stated (clearly the same person with 2 aliases).

    Also notice that:
    11% of all MonaVie Distributors make a yearly average of $4,261
    5% make a yearly average of $9,357
    2% make a yearly average of $18,989
    1% make a yearly average of $29,630
    And the top 2% make between $52,959 and $6.8 million yearly. YES, millions.

    These numbers can be directly correlated to the distribution of wealth in the US, where 5% of the US population owns more than 70% of the wealth.

    MonaVie offers anyone with an open mind and willing to put in the effort to change their financial situation an opportunity to move in wealth from the bottom 95% of the population to the upper 5% of people in the country–all while providing one with a delicious daily dose of antioxidants.

    Yes, I have the ambition, drive and motivation for success that most people in the world lack. And my family, friends and business contacts are appreciative of my having shared this tremendous health and wealth building opportunity with them. We are committed to changing our economic paradigm and are wiling to put the effort forward. Everyone of us is seeing our supplemental incomes increase each month. The money is very real.

    The Value Proposition with MonaVie
    I get my MonaVie at $20 per bottle as a MonaVie Distributor. You can, too.

    Unlike the packets of acai that acai lover is advertising, which, aside from providing health benefits, do little to improve customers’ financial positions, MonaVie is an asset and, as such, provides one with a magnificent wealth-building tool.

    “Victim” acai lover says? Think again. Every time consumers spend their hard earned money on these other acai companies’ products, they are not making money work for them. Not a dime. Instead, a few top acai business owners, major distribution companies and retail chains, like Whole Paycheck, fill their pockets quite nicely. Who’s the real victim here?

    Pyramid? Reality is, there is no organizational structure that is not a pyramid. Organizations of all types–business, governmental, NGO’s, etc.–all have one person at the top, a handful people right below, dozens more right below that, hundreds right below and on and on. In these traditional organizations, one cannot make more money than one’ boss, or our boss make more money than his/her boss, etc. That’s just the way it is and we accept it.

    Not so with MonaVie. With MonaVie, you can rise quickly above those people that came before you in the organization. For the low-risk investment of $39 and a few bottles of MonaVie, you can open your own business–an awesome tax-saving incentive, I might add, and earn significant money to supplement and even replace your present income.

    As an example, a guy who just joined my MonaVie organization 4 weeks ago, due to his personal determination and relationship to other business-minded people, has risen to surpass my level of income already. (He’s now a Gold Executive and I am Bronze Executive–see the Income Disclosure Statement to make sense of this information). This is truly the most democratic, egalitarian way of creating wealth for yourself and those around you who have the same drive to succeed.

    The Quality of MonaVie
    MonaVie offers the most complete and balanced product in the Beverage and Functional Food category—the fastest growing segment in nutrition today. You’ll get the antioxidant and phytonutrient equivalent of 10-13 fruits per day. Period. Nuff said.

    In closing, rather than criticizing MonaVie, learn from this powerful company and what it is doing for the world. Develop your own personal wealth so you can put it toward something positive, sustainable and socially-beneficial to the world.

    MonaVie is the conduit for this powerful transition… and the conduit for your own personal development as a leader in this world.

  9. Anjanette Bixel says:


    Thanks for posting that. Though I’d like to dismiss the uninformed and ignorant, it is great that you took the time to share all of this information.

    MonaVie is such a quality product – you’d have to drink it to know it – made by a solid company with a huge heart, and backed by world renowned doctors and scientists. What other company contributes over $2M to hungry and homeless children, AND gives thousands of people the opportunity to create a better future for themselves while helping others living a more healthful life?

    You’re right, we’re not the victims. I couldn’t feel more fortunate. Happy sharing! 😉


  10. Bryan Gauvin says:

    Acai is a better bet than Goji. There has bee much more scientific research done to prove its health effects. However the acai berry starts self destructing within minutes of being picked so you loose most of the antioxidants that are part of the berry before it makes it back to the united states for processing so most smoothies are using berries that have lost most of there health benefits.

    There is only one way to get the full benefits of the acia berry and that is through a patented flash freeze process developed by Monarch Industries. They use this process to preserve the vital antioxidants until they can get the Berry’s back to the states for processing into a blending drink called Mona-vie.

    Mona-Vie has a combination of 19 fruits and berries with the acai berry from the Amazon as its star. The results people are getting from drinking this are nearly miraculous, unique to each individuals health complaints and life changing. My own 59 year old father has had sleeping problems for over 20 years and started taking monavie pulse about 3 months ago and my mother is now stating the he is sleeping much better.

    You won’t find it on any grocery or pharmacy shelf or in any health food store. It is sold by independent distributors. And I am a distributor. Check out my web site @ YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!!!! Live Abundantly!

  11. Kerrie says:

    Blogging also helps you link up your website with any other social media marketing you’re doing.

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