Sarah Palin: “If I survived PETA I can conquer Iran”

Via Anna Gilkerson
on Sep 3, 2008
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So I figure now that I have written about Michelle and Hillary and what they are wearing, It seems fittting that I should examine what the Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is wearing and how it reflects her persona.

featured here in a white blazer,B&W printed shirt, black skirt and red patent leather platform flip flops.

This isn’t…um … the kindest review I have ever given.

First off, her black, neutral and red suits are very safe if not a little boring, fiscally conservative with a capitol FC. But wait… The Flag pin! Big points for that. HUGE.

Secondly, Giant, too big for anyone fleeces are just not cool. Ok? Ok.

Now let’s talk about the fur. I know she lives in Alaska and a little rabbit fur on a parka hood may be excusable sometimes, what are you gonna do? But sitting for a photo op next to a large taxidermy bear or posing at a basketball game with two furry tails (?) ornately splayed over her shoulders, well irks me a little.

“Is it dead? Can I touch it?”.  Is this her foreign policy?

She does manage to pull it together in a t-shirt, very Abercrombie and Fitch. SUPER AMERICAN.

She’s young and “hip”. She should drop the whole “business woman look”, let her hair down, get color contacts, highlights and a tan and don a cowboy hat and some wranglers (made abroad of course).


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25 Responses to “Sarah Palin: “If I survived PETA I can conquer Iran””

  1. anna says:

    Reflecting back to my fashion don’t rant, this post seems cynical.
    We all must give each other the benefit of the doubt and not judge each other on our clothes…this is the point I am trying to make I guess.

  2. JESSICA says:

    sarah palin disgusts me! That gun shooting low profile redneck needs to go back home and learn how to raise her kids before she wants to even think about having an opinion about this country.

  3. admin says:

    Looks like she already has plenty of highlights to me, Anna, if you look at the Mountain Hard Wear shot…as for being cynical, as long as you’re fair it’s good by me…Palin was vicious, cynical and unfair/untrue through most of her speech the other night against Obama & Biden at the RNC:

  4. MontyMan says:

    She’ll make a better VP than Cheney because she hits what she’s aimin’ at! A huntress in the White House? I can’t wait!

  5. debb debb says:

    You all sound like a bunch of babies! Seriously, fashion police? How old are you anyway? Grow up, is this all you’ve got to throw at her. I’d expect this from men, but ladies, come on. This is my quote of the day for you, take it or leave it. Quote from Sir Charles Barkley ” Poor people have been voting for Democrats for the last 50 years…..their still poor!” You can vote for REAL change or you can vote for your candidate who, if you really do your home work you’ll find out is a Socialist! Look it up ladies, he’s not who he claims to be.

    Do you want to live in America or in a communist nation? All that will happen is the ones that provide jobs, the so called rich that own the big companies that provide all the jobs, they will simply move their operations out of the country so they can afford to still operate. Outsourcing? Absolutely! They won’t be able to afford to have business as usual and employ Americans if Obama has his way. He wants to steal from the the rich, the ones who give you your job folks! Yeah, under his plan you’ll be able to go to school , get your degree, graduate, then what? Where are you going to get a job? All those great companies you wanted to work for have been forced to move their operations overseas so that they can continue to keep their companies running. Go back to school you say, break that glass ceiling, get into the upper echelon? You could, but the rungs to the ladder are missing, Obama has made sure of that. There won’t be the companies there to employ you. He’s all about the lower class, the upper class will always be there because they are smart and they will take their money out of the country. We will be a country of $10 an hour burger flippers or mall workers. We won’t have any more trade workers because it’s HARD work, he’s not encouraging people to go out and get good jobs that they can pass down like our ancestors did, and Lord help you if you’re a successful business owner, he’ll take all your money to spread the wealth, HA! Sounds like Russia to me. Wake up people! He’s not the Messiah or the Pied Piper, he is a BAD MAN!!! People will leave America with there money if he is elected and stay gone until he is impeached, because believe me it will happen! But there is a light at the end of the tunnel you can avoid all this, vote McCain-Palin! As Sarah said ” you don’t have to worry about words and speeches, you only have to worry about what you’ve done, facts are facts.” Let’s stop focusing on clothes or on, what, her scrunching her nose??? OH MY GOODNESS!!! Is this what we are using to base our vote on? PAAAALEASE! You don’t have anything so your nitpicking! Be informed adults ladies!!! Or you will suffer the consequences.

  6. Nicole says:

    Real smart “debb debb”
    The business’ ARE moving out of the country already. Unemployment is the highest now. People cannot afford food or gas. How many cars do you see on the road with a “For Sale” sign right now? How many forclosures? Do you honestly think that the government didn’t see THAT coming?? The Republicans are for the rich, the very rich. Our middle class is diminishing. Where do you live? I live in NYC and people are getting pushed out because jobs are cut; 1700 people got laid off from Citibank in one day! And that’s just one company, look around and open your eyes.
    McCain just chose Palin to get a stir and these ignorant people are jumping on the ban wagon and becoming her cheerleaders. She already lied to the public about the accomplishments she claimed she made;she didn’t sell the plane on Ebay, they took a loss on it 8 months later. She was FOR the bridge to nowhere when she originally campaigned. She murders animals and proudly displays them-what kind of morals does she have? They don’t believe in global warming, in women’s right to choose…give me a break. We evolved since 1950, we need our leaders to recognize that we evolved and NOT revert backward. Who is she to tell me what to believe in, I thought it was still America. McCain is an obvious continuation of Bush, people are getting blindsighted by Palin. Just because she’s a woman and a mom we’re all going to vote for her??? Only in America can you go from PTA mom, who btw has NEVER even been to a big city like NY and just got her passport last year, to being our Vice President and potential Presdent should anything happen to McCain? Only in America!
    Good luck debb debb

  7. Debb says:

    The plane was sold on ebay for 2.1 Mil which was a great price. Your too emotional about all of this. If this was a debate class you would lose because of the facts you don’t want to hear about. With all the media outlets we have today, you and others like yourself pick and choose what you want to believe and go off half cocked. I am from New Jersey and times have changed in the world we live in now. The days of the steel driving man are gone. Technology has made the world a different place. The days of what use to be are gone. I had to go back to school with a state grant program to get back into the job market because I was left behind in the years which caught all of us by surprise. Companies are about profits not taxes. If you raise taxes they pass them on to all of us. Raise them too high and they move their investments out of the USA. It’s smart business and it may stink in your book, but it is a fact. One of dozens of facts you would not care to hear about. I challenge you to research mainstream data about McCain and Obama. If you really do this and still come to the same conclusion as you do now, then that explains why so many people cannot handle the truth. Under President Bush, unemployement was at it’s lowest in decades it’s another fact. Your too close to hard times in New York and it’s not the anyones fault. It is just life and it gets hard so stop blaming people and adjust. I live paycheck to paycheck by the choices I have made in life. Immigrants always come to America during both Democrat and Republican administrations, and do very well. They work hard, live in group housing and save all they can. After about a decade or so, they have their own businesses and doing very well. It happened when my dad was a kid and it still happens today. Why? They work their butts off because they have an American dream. How is it possible to do all of that no matter who is President? No matter who controls Congress? Congress has been controlled by Democrats for the past two years and you blame Bush. Tax cuts for the rich? Do you know that the a person that makes one million a year pays 275,000 in taxes and that is after doing everything they can to reduce their tax burden. This is another cold hard fact and I could go on and on. Look up who Joe Lieberman is and why he is ao close to John McCain. I wish things could be as they once were but it is not. There are better days ahead full of hope, but you have to look at the past to see the future. You must do your homework about the men and women running for office. If you like the voting record of either one, then don’t worry just vote. Why are you so angry if you are so sure of your position?

  8. andy says:

    Palin the Puppet. Yes we wanted a woman on the ticket but NOT an extremist out-of-touch breed cow tyvm. She’s VERY pro-life…till you stick a rifle in her hands then she’ll blow bambi’s head clean off. I feel sorry for her motherless children,why doesnt she finish the job she started 20 yrs ago..HER CHILDREN!! When McBush dies of a massive coronary we’ll have this Lenscrafter Spokesmodel ruining this country.

  9. IhatePalin says:

    I hate Palin. Wrong Woman,Wrong Message. I hope she gets ripped apart by the wolves she loves to kill.

  10. Lila says:

    Hard economic facts. Before 1980 when the Republicans came into office when you worked harder you got more. Since that time everyone is working more hours, but earning less. Only the top 1% of people in our country are increasing their economic well being. We’ve sold our souls to China for a bunch of cheap goods. And don’t forget it was the Republicans who lowered EPA standards for cars because SUVs were more profitable for their cronies. If we’d had more efficient cars all this time we wouldn’t be beholden to all the countries who hate us the most. Go figure–we pay them, they hate us. Solar power — free for all!

  11. PHIL says:

    Maybe if the big oppressive,greedy,money first
    employee in slaving job giving Corps move out.

    They will be replaced by inclusive,considerate
    and employee friendly ones.

  12. Anna says:

    A country to kill is a giant fleece to fill

  13. Leitha says:

    … very tongue in cheek – I like it.

  14. Mrs. D says:

    Matt Damon (I know of all people) is really saying what i need to say.
    and it’s funny…

  15. Dianne says:

    oh, ok DebDeb–I get it…so, if I am understanding you, we are supposed to be satisfied with being slaves and whores to the ultra rich–who will throw us crumbs for jobs and wages, huh?!! Clearly, we have very different visions for this country and for the planet for that matter! VIVE LA DIFFERENCE!! As far as Sarah Palin goes: You poor unfortunate and uniformed one…she’s right, it may be well beyond “words and speeches” as she shows us so vividly through her total, ignorant and uncaring disregard of life (how ironic and hypocritical since she is so “prolife”–GIVE ME A BREAK) as we watch, compliments of YouTube,her brand of radically anthropocentric genocide and slaugher of Alaskan charismatic fauna (the wolf which has been meticulously stewarded back from near extinction! if that matters to you?)
    I pray that you and like-minded “lost sheep” will sonn come to your senses, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!

  16. margarita says:

    Palin sounds very narrow minded.She has no “female” characteristics, she is nor logical or compassionate. She must be trying so hard to prove her dad something that she got herself to a very lonely place where she can’t even reach to her children. By the way, Tina Fey rules!

  17. Stew says:

    Palin’s husband is a suspected PEDOPHILE. Watch for the story to surface soon. The McCain camp has been trying to hide it. Palin is actually ANTI-AMERICAN. She wanted to cecede Alaska from the US and join Canada!

  18. TK says:

    is that first picture photo-shopped in or is she really sitting on a giant bearskin rug with a huge crab shell on her coffee table? WTF?
    You ought to post this pic on your facebook page!

  19. TK says:

    boy oh boy debb debb. i hope you’re never in a situation where you’ve been raped and pregnant…good ol sarah won’t be much help to you then as you have that baby! Or, oh my, how about if you DO have that baby and you’re telling your child about the beautiful polar bears on our planet…but oh wait, there won’t be any polar bears on our planet if she has her way…they are just disposable and in the way of good ol american black gold oil! via la $ right?

  20. […] while back, when Governor Palin was named Republican VP candidate I did a fashion piece on her. I have to say I wasn’t so excited with her clothes. As the campaign went on I noticed […]

  21. Jim says:

    With all due respect to your “facts”, the lowest unemployment rates in the last ten years were under the administration of that scourge of the earth Bill Clinton who is responsible for every thing bad that ever happened and some that haven’t happened yet. You can google the stats and you can even correct them if you like

  22. You make a great point. Got some true info here. I think that if more people thought about it that way, they’d have a better time get the hang ofing the issue.

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