September 11, 2008

The Web’s Future is a “Village” and…We’ve Got a Thing or Two to Learn from Paris Hilton?

Another reason I love Elephant Journal.

According to this BBC News article, researchers at Hewlett Packard have found that most people generally visit only a small number of websites.  The researchers had been studying what happens when information becomes more available and cheap.  They also considered that people today have so many things to attend to so our attention becomes highly valuable. (And they found that we only spend time with a handful of friends, I’d like to know how the HP guys figured that one).

My personal experience with this is that I can certainly get overwhelmed.  It’s one of the many reasons that I love Elephant Journal, the mix of topics covered has made me more aware of different spiritual paths, a more informed citizen, and I’ve gotten more than a few good tips on greening my life. All in one place.

The research suggests that novelty and popularity keep websites, products and people, in the case of Paris Hilton, at the forefront of our attention.  The example of Paris Hilton and her ability to keep her name in the headlines is a valid one. I just think (hope) that the green movement will extend past this moment of popularity.

And certainly the larger topic of the mindful life. I think of how I can be a better person on a daily basis, and doubt I’m so alone in that. The mindful life just isn’t a fad.


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