Throwaway Bike Helmets live on in landfills—here’s an eco bike helmet. Kinda.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Sep 8, 2008
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If you’re a good boy or girl, you do as you’re told and toss your bike helmet every couple of years (they’re supposed to weaken over time). But that styrofoam n’plastic head-hugger lives on like the baddie in a horror film, haunting our watershed and putting the fill in “landfill.” I did a little research, and beyond buying a WWII helmet at your local Army Surplus, this seems to be the eco-est:

“We think green:

Since the creation of the company, MET always made sure to act environment friendly in order to insure a durable development and also to protect the environment of the region around the production facility.

– The vapor used for the polystyrene expansion of the helmets is produced from a private source from MET from non drinkable water, so this way, we avoid to use precious drinkable water supply and the same water is re-used in other production phase and at the end to heat up the production facility and offices.

– All the production wastes are recycled for the plastic industry.

– Our exclusive system of polystyrene molding doesn’t release any atmospheric pollution.”


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4 Responses to “Throwaway Bike Helmets live on in landfills—here’s an eco bike helmet. Kinda.”

  1. Emma says:

    These helmets sound good and don't look bad either! When it's time to renew my helmet I will consider the eco-est option!

  2. Morten Lange says:

    The Eco-est option is evidently to use no helmet at all.
    The efficiency of helmets have been greatly exaggerated, and so has the dangers of cycling for transport.
    The best available scientific evidence suggest that it did not become safer to cycle in New Zealand, Australia, nor Nova Scotia, Canada when helmet usage rose steeply under enforced helmet laws.

    Search the net for these words

    "Three lessons for a better cycling future"
    "Bicycle helmet" Wikipedia
    "No clear evidence from countries that have enforced"

    or have a look at these websites :

  3. Joseph Boquiren says:

    I like the sperm hat! (TT helmet) I wonder if it comes in blue?

  4. sove says:

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