Environmental Defense Fund’s Brilliant “Jargon Watch: Green or Greenwashing?” Tool.

Via Lindsey Wolf
on Oct 17, 2008
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Alternative Fuels: this term should always be used with the world “clean” or “green” or the term “low carbon” in order to distinguish it from high carbon alternative fuels like liquid coal. So starts the Environmental Defense Fund’s tool to help break through the jargon so often thrown around in our current election. Another big one we keep hearing about is clean coal. EDF reminds us that right now, there is no such thing as coal is one of the most carbon intense fuels around. Check it out to help you become a more empowered voter, to see what you should look for in discussions of new sources of energy, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, fuel efficiency and other topics.


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2 Responses to “Environmental Defense Fund’s Brilliant “Jargon Watch: Green or Greenwashing?” Tool.”

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