Macho? You’re burning gas. Female? You’re a “greener” driver—& richer.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 14, 2008
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Women Drivers

No big surprise here, but apparently women break more gently (saving money on brakes and burning less gas when accelerating up to a stop sign etc.)…anyway, read the article at its source:

Research proves women are greener drivers than men

October 14, 2008 Posted by: Faye Sunderland

An internet research company, believe they know the key to greener driving—become a women. Research has proven that women drivers are more conscious of their fuel consumption. They are also more likely to change gears earlier, reducing engine work load and are gentler in their braking, allowing them to make the most of the fuel in their tanks.

The age old argument of ‘Men vs. Women: Who are the Better Drivers?’ has raged on for years but in terms of fuel consumption, the answer it appears is easy.

Mark Bower Dyke, Chairman of car insurer BeWiser ( confirms this opinion;

“Although the subject is somewhat light-hearted, it proves that women’s driving techniques are considerably better.

“Men tend to be more aggressive with their driving which results in the vehicle being ‘worn-out’ quicker, resulting in accidents and crashes.” …for the rest, click here.


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