PHOTO SLIDESHOW: elephant journal’s Waylon Lewis interviews Dr. Andrew Weil @ Origins (with Pekoe Sip House) in Denver

Via Rusty Ralston
on Oct 9, 2008
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He’s made the Big-TIME—twice. Coming up in a week…a new video of Dr. Andrew Weil’s conversation with elephant journal (the comparatively puny green/yoga/organics grassroots).

Yesterday elephant had an encounter with our new friend, Dr. Andrew Weil. Yeah, He’s twice graced the cover of TIME Magazine, popularized the field of integrative medicine, created a mushroom skin product with Origins, and devised a new food pyramid… but this was his first interview with elephant journal! Continue on for photos of the interview with Waylon at Origins… ~ Rusty Ralston, elephantographer.

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Pictured: Waylon Lewis, Dr. Andrew Weil, Paul Cattin (Pekoe Sip House). With thanks to FIG and Origins!


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6 Responses to “PHOTO SLIDESHOW: elephant journal’s Waylon Lewis interviews Dr. Andrew Weil @ Origins (with Pekoe Sip House) in Denver”

  1. admin says:

    Love it! More photos of Dr. Weil and company! I’ll fwd this to Origins folks, Paul Cattin of Pekoe, Dr. Weil’s peoples…great shots!

  2. Thanks for sneaking the picture of the English Retreads Bentley bag positioned to the right of Dr. Weil in to the first photo of your series!

  3. admin says:

    Believe it or not, that’s why I had him stand there—that and the Mead quote above his head. I showed him my English Retreads former-life-innertube now-wallet, he shook his head admiringly and said, ‘It’s fantastic!’

  4. Heather says:

    I love it when famous people look exactly the same in person as they do on magazine covers. I always expect them to look different, but Dr. Weill has the same beard, same glowing, healthy face. Nice pics, Rusty!

  5. […] we here at elephant journal interviewed Dr. Weil. While we have yet to post the video, the meeting (at Origins in Denver, Colo) […]

  6. […] recent release of our video interview of Dr. Andrew Weil of health and wellness fame at Pekoe Sip House, a tea cafe, at the newish Origins store in Denver, Colorado, I asked longtime buddy and supporter […]