Winter’s coming…if you ride a bike, and own a dog (like 87.63% of my hometown) time to invest in a…dog trailer.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 27, 2008
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Dogs (as opposed to mini-dogs, and cats) live to run. But, when you stop while riding a bike, during any season, it’s literally illegal to leave ’em unchaperoned for even a minute. And, esp come wintertime, they can’t run too hard, for too long. Choice? Drag ’em by the neck and get arrested by the karma police, or the normal police, or…buy a dog bike trailer.

They actually exist. They’re just like bike trailers for children, only simpler.

But what’s best? The Bob Ibex or Yak? The calassic Burley? You want light, you want cool, you want something that is easily visible so you won’t get run over, you want something easy to hitch on and unhitch, you want something affordable, durable and ideally made in the US of A, not China or other such country where labor laws are weak, at best, and it takes a hundred gallons of oil just to get it halfway back to your local bike shop.

Comment below with your fave solutions for ideal combo of 1) style, 2) affordability and 3) function (lightweight plus quality-built) and EC) fair-labor, locallyish-made…and I’ll add photos and links and info to this blog until I decide once and for all and make a purchase myself, probably about a month from now (after I’ve sold a few more web ads).



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4 Responses to “Winter’s coming…if you ride a bike, and own a dog (like 87.63% of my hometown) time to invest in a…dog trailer.”

  1. Mark says:

    I’m sorry, man, but dog’s just aren’t meant to be pulled around and chaperoned. It’s not PC in Boulder to view your dogs as just DOGS, but go read a Caesar Millan book and it all makes sense. You set your dog up for feeling that they’re the dominant one when they’re treated like humans, or royalty. It sets you up for many other problems related to them feeling they’re the one in control. Behavioral issues. Ironically (to our minds, at least), dogs want to be submissive, and when they are, they respect the owners’ will to keep running/riding, etc. The are submissive and therefore will obey. It’s not a terrible thing.

  2. admin says:

    Kate Casavecchia Crisp Today at 8:24am
    can’t wait to see redford cruisin round town in a wicker basket!

  3. Scott says:

    I made my dog-trailer myself… my pup loves it and rides to work with me each day: (Oct 23, 2008 entry).


  4. Zoe says:

    That wicker basket doesn’t look safe to me. No flag? And what if pup sees a squirrel and hops? Yikes!

    I’m planning to use my Burley trailer, which has hauled kids, groceries, and many other kinds of loads. I have a boxer pup who is nervous about riding in the box, and I’m a bit worried about him getting sick back there, especially on longer rides. We recently got rid of our car though, so we’ll have to make it work. This life is always an adventure!