January 25, 2009


Yup, you heard me right…it’s a bike that folds up into a backpack, only 20 pounds or something, and it’s even got room for stuff you need on your hike. More info here, at Bikehacks.com, my favorite new site of the last month. [Oh, and btw, to my mind this is more a cool idea to me than a practical one…I might stow one of these in my trunk if I were a daily car commuter…but I doubt I’d bother hiking around with a bike. Still, cool there’s something foldable and so light so you have the option]

Via Bikehacks.com:

Introducing the Bergmönch!!  This fully packable kickbike weighs in at a very light 21lbs…light considering the reward you will get flying down any hillside or trail you can hike up.  The Bergmonch transforms from a pack into a kickbike in just two minutes.  Not only is riding the Bergmonch way better than walking back down the trail, it also features a 12 liter storage compartment and helmet net.  

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Read 3 comments and reply

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