January 30, 2009

Boulder, Colorado Mayor Shaun McGrath tapped by Obama for Washington D.C. post…elephantjournal.com editor Waylon Lewis to run.

It’s been reported all over. Everywhere. Here and There. Our mayor—a good, sharp, highly-competent man by the name of Shaun McGrath, is joining the Obama Administration. Even ‘worse’ for we Boulderites, we’ll also be losing his wife, Becca Heaton, ed-in-chief of Rocky Mountain Sports and longtime colleague/acquaintance of mine—she’ll join Mr. McGrath in D.C.

As for my City Council run, it’s a matter of time before I run for something (dog-catcher…). For all you bit at a young age by the political bug, you know what I mean. Getting involved in the civic life and mundane details of your community may seem unnervingly boring (watch Boulder’s Channel 8, you’ll see what I mean) but like anything that matters, the magic is right there in those boring details. You might discuss whether a building gets to exceed our height limit for a mind-numbing hour, but at the end of the night you’ve helped, in some small way, to determine the future of a community you care about.

As for my City Council run this Fall…I’m meeting with a bunch of folks smarter and more knowledgeable than I in the next week, get their advice, then decide. A lot depends on where elephantjournal.com is at—and of course whether I think I have the team and resources for a serious City Council run. The one thing I know at this point: I do have the interest (not to run for mayor—you can’t, in Boulder, where the City Council appoints the mayor)—but to get involved in a helpful way in the life of the town I was born and raised in, and that’s supported the growth of my eco-minded, ‘mindful’ small business.

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