January 25, 2009

Consciousness Has Spoken. [Poetry/SpokenWord.]

by Sarah Janelle Miller

today is tangibly different.

than the last days, months, years.

today is a new day.

filled with ideas.

hopes and possibilities.

change and transition.

today Consciousness has spoken.

we the people of the United States and United World have spoken.

we’ve risen above false stories told through history books.

we’ve overridden false ideas and images the media perpetuates.

we’ve ruled against cultural stereotypes and propaganda.

we’ve embraced Unification instead.

our Consciousness has spoken.

we’ve decided to shift Time forward. collectively. as a group of People.

we’ve chosen to make our desires Reality.

we’ve chosen one man to represent an Ideal.

an ideal that is plausible. and possible. with Unification.

when Beings rise up for what is right. what is positive. what is life-supporting.

then Nature responds.

She has heard our cries. our songs. our words.

She knows our pain. our hardships. our suffering.

what do we do?


today Consciousness has spoken.

today is a new day. tangibly different than the last.

this is the feeling of Unity. of Tribe. of Kinship. and the ideals of Freedom.

this is the power of Consciousness.

liberation to the masses!

power in thought. strength in numbers.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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