January 10, 2009

Instructables: how to keep yourself from getting killed for $3 a roll: Bright Bike.

I just spent six bucks on a couple reflective stickers that, I guarantee you, will fall off in a season or two.

So this solution, see video below, seems cost-effective, way safer (way more reflection) and has the added benefit of probably making your bike less appealing to would-be bike thieves, the lowest vermin species known to man, woman, child, animal or plant.

So unless you want to carry around and take time to gear up in bright neon clothing…if you just want to hop n’ride, follow the below…this is one blog I might follow might own advice on. And, btw, don’t buy 3M…it’s pricey. You can find alternative brands of ‘reflective tape’ at most hardware or craft stores. Now if only bike companies would get a brain, and an edge on their competition, and just make bikes with reflective paint.

With thanks for the tip to our new linkage friends, Bike Hack. From their post:

I am a sucker for time lapse video/photography – it fascinates me. Even better when it has to do with a bike. In the category of visibility on the road I give you this from Instructables. Video time: 1:03. Real time: enough to really [email protected]#$%^& you off if you did this and your bike got ripped.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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