January 4, 2009

Now, you can offset the Number One Eco Sin—at the airport.

Just so long as you don’t have a house as big as John Edwards or Fiddy Cent, your number one environmental crime is liking flying around—even if you only go cross continental roundtrip once a year. If you do much more than that…well, click here and read up and consider whether it’s a worthwhile course of action (action is the literal translation of karma). 



This spring, travelers entering San Francisco International Airport will see a new type of kiosk at check-in — one offering carbon offsets for those who wish to counter the greenhouse-gas emissions from their trip. It will mark the first time that an airport will be peddling offsets, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Details — such as how exactly the offsets will reduce carbon emissions — are as yet vague. According to The Chronicle, S.F.O. has partnered with 3Degrees, a San Francisco-based offsets firm that invests in clean-energy and carbon-reduction projects. The airport is supplying the kiosks and putting $163,000 into the program — and while the prices from are yet to be determined, a 3Degrees official told The Chronicle that offsetting a trip to Europe currently costs around $36.

Many airlines, most recently Virgin America, have already begun selling offsets of their own. Virgin has recently promised that it will soon give customers the opportunity to buy offsets while in flight, via the seat-back entrainment system.


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