March 2, 2009

30 Years Ago, Three Days of The Condor laid it out: it’s you and I that required the Iraq War.

A well-paid computer-savvy civilian with an attractive girlfriend who works for a secret US government department realizes his agency is up to no good, is regarded as threat & spy by US. On the run, he outs his government to protect himself & the nation he loves. No, not Edward Snowden & the NSA.

A 38-year-old movie.

Funny world when a cheesy 70s movie featuring one of my all-time father figure idol lays out the truth in a direct, simple way that no politician has in the intervening 38 years.

So turn off those lights, buy a programmable thermostat, bike and walk and take public transit more…use less energy, and we’ll need less coal, oil. There’s a reason our government, again and again, invades the Middle East like >snap< that…but fails to intervene in Tibet and other nations that are victimized by bigger powers. And who does the blame lie with? At least partially, you and I.

Rent it:

By the bye, to old media giant the New York Times’ credit, they did print ‘it,’ again and again—including Nixon’s Watergate fiasco that Redford so ably captured in All the President’s Men.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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