Product review: Obama t shirts from Destination Sewn.

Via Todd Mayville
on Mar 8, 2009
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Gorgeous original artwork. Ugly conventional tees.

These rather spiffy looking shirts from local shirt maker Destination Sewn look great and beautifully evoke a sense of…well, hope—unfortunately, this company isn’t yet fully walking the walk.  While most of their products are sourced from American Apparel, which is a good thing, the shirts that were made for the DNC (pictured) were from not-so-nice Fruit of the Loom, a company that isn’t known for good eco-practices or for fair treatment of its workers.  So while I’m all for shopping and buying local, I’m way more in favor of shopping companies that consistently walk their walk.  Destination Sewn shows great promise, but it’d be nice to see them living up to that promise a bit more.


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