The prAna Revolution yoga mat will be televised, with John Friend. Eco, sticky, wide.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 30, 2009
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The other day, I posted my second article in a series on “This is what Effective Advertising Looks Like.” In it, I talked about how prAna, the eco-minded yoga/climbing apparel and gear company, was doing a great job in connecting with its demographic…that is, its people. As their tagline goes, it helps if your products are “born from the experience.”

Here’s a followup via Youtube, on their “Revolution,” a new eco yoga mat that’s super-sticky (according to no less an authority than Mr. John Friend, founder of Anusara yoga). Beyond giving Manduka’s eKo yoga mat a vinyasa for your green dollars, this nice n’wide mat is presented to the world not via a conventional print or even flash web ad, but a video.

Better yet, this video is less a commercial that a work of art. It’s—imagine—actually fun and inspiring to watch. It touches on the practicality and magic of asana practice. It evokes the opening and closing credits of, say, O Brother Where Art Thou while simultaneously being hip, modern, fun, detailed. And best of all they’re walking their talk, offering a green mat in lieu of the PVC toxic landfill-clogging alternatives most of us still practice on.


I’m in love. If, after watching, you are too—and you find yourself in the Boulder area—then be sure to stop by our Spring Ecofashion show, featuring prAna among others, at our next talk showJohn Friend just confirmed he’ll be there.


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63 Responses to “The prAna Revolution yoga mat will be televised, with John Friend. Eco, sticky, wide.”

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  2. Brooks Haislip says:

    “ The Revolution Mat is awesome! The expansive dimensions are perfect as it provides plenty of space for all classes of poses and allows for uninterrupted sequencing as you practice. You never have to readjust or leave the mat which has a sticky, dependable surface. I feel like I am practicing in a huge open grassy field when I am on it!!!”

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  5. AC2B says:

    One thing I forgot to ask — on behalf of Corepower or Bikram yogsters, how is this mat when it's drenched in sweat? Still sticky or do you still need your yogi toes cover?

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  8. dan tien says:

    I can't wait to buy more stuff!!! I hope it will match my yoga outfits and other yoga gear.

  9. Fantastic share! Thanks for this useful post and i look forward to reading much more of your blogposts in the foreseeable future. Have added your website into my google reader. 🙂

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  11. Andi says:

    'The Crevasse' is by German Artist Edgar Mueller not Julian Beever.

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