University of Colorado: Student Environmental Action Coalition

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 13, 2009
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student environmental action coalition

Last week, I was on my way back from coffee with my brau Dave Rogers at Vic’s on the University of Colorado campus when we ran across a table, staffed by six students or so, that had something to do with environmentalism. They had a huge banner strung up on a kiosk, and asked us to jot down our environmental wish.”We’re not CU students, you still want us to,” I asked. Hell yeah, they answered, or words to that effect.

I don’t remember what I wrote, but I was psyched to see a bunch of young folks who, instead of laying around doing homework, hiking, wearing dark glasses and drinking bloody marys, smoking dope while watching Ellen…or whatever else it is that other kids these days do around noon…were standing out in the sunshine, hanging with like-minded pals, drinking out of to-go coffee mugs and spreading the green love. I asked them to send me a note about what they were doing, and they did so:

Hi Waylon,
My name is Emily, I’m with the Student Environmental Action Coalition and I talked to you last Thursday at our free coffee table. You asked me to send you some information about we do so here it is!

SEAC focuses on environmental awareness and climate change issues. Every Thursday from 8-12 we give out free coffee or tea to people who bring their own reusable mugs in an effort to encourage that habit and cut down on disposables. The banner we had for people to sign was to show student support for a sustainable and carbon neutral C.U. in conjunction with the President’s Climate Commitment. This banner came about through the Campus Climate Coalition, which is a coalition of many different groups across campus. The group plans to present the banner to the Regents. SEAC also shows different episodes of the documentary series “Planet Earth” for free in the Planetarium every other Wednesday to educate people about the planet’s different ecosystems.

Thanks very much and e-mail us with any questions,



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9 Responses to “University of Colorado: Student Environmental Action Coalition”

  1. Kelly Cookson says:

    This is fabulous! They have an event coming up on Monday where our CEO ("our" = Natural Capitalism Solutions, Inc. – yeah, shameless plug!) will be a participating panelist. SEAC is a GREAT group making a difference in the world! Huge kudos!

  2. I wanna come! Where?

  3. Kelly Cookson says:

    Looks to be part of a class – not really an event – but it starts around 6pm tonight. CU Boulder Stadium Rm 112 – might be open to sit in and listen?

  4. Kelly Cookson says:

    my bad – the SEAC event is April 23rd. still getting details on that.

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