April 9, 2009

Green Pizza.

Green just ruined another Guilty Pleasure.

Ah, this green stuff is generally fun and inspiring, but once in awhile I wish I didn’t know something, and could revert to being ignorant. I order my pizza, and love it, from an indie joint that sources some of its stuff locally. But, until reading this piece via the lovely Sara Novak of Planet Green…via Be More Eco via Super Eco via Earth 911 (ah, the happy-to-share blog community), I didn’t know

that the boxes couldn’t be recycled easily, I hadn’t thought about

how bad the cheese was for me, I hadn’t really

grocked the pollution caused by delivery (the joint is 3 minutes from my house, one way). 

Ah, ignorance is bliss. But enlightenment, even one step at a time, is better for you, and our planet.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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