April 26, 2009

Justin’s Nut Butter takes $1 Million, plans to go Big.

I’ve known the good folks at Justin’s Nut Butter, and Justin himself, for years. So it’s not without a sadness that I opened my virtual paper, Boulder County Business Report, this morning (thanks to a tweet from Fresh Ideas Group)…

…and read this: 

Justin’s raises close to $1 million 

Justin’s raises close to $1 million

BOULDER – Justin’s Nut Butter, a Boulder-based peanut butter company, has closed on a $935,000 round of funding from family and friends.
With this capital, the natural products company plans to hire key individuals to grow its business through current retailers and continue it national expansion plans. 

Justin’s Nut Butter began selling its product in 2004…for the rest, click here and go to BCBR.

Why, I remember Justin and his team selling nut butter every farmers’ market for yeyeeeeeeyeyears, themselves. I remember Justin, as recently as a few months back, demo-ing alone, himself, in a Wild Oats-now-Whole Foods. I remember Josh Onysko of Pangea, shortly after he moved right above my apartment in the same building, stopping by and cracking up when I opened the door with only (thank god) boxers and (oh, god) a spoon and a big jar of Justin’s Almond Butter, eating right now of the jar. Mmmm, the eco bachelor life is a lot like the conventional bachelor life—depraved, barbaric, gross, sad…slightly cute, in the way a dog is cut when it eats crumbs off the floor…

Anyways, I’m no fan of taking on money from The Man, selling out and going Mainstream. Wait: I am a fan of going Mainstream—effecting Big Change is what we’re all in this game for. So god bless and good luck, and if you have to make tough decisions that [email protected]#$%^&* off your moneychangers, well learn the art of finesse and keep your integrity, ultimately it’s all you got that matters.

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