May 14, 2009

Interview: Stuart Davis of Sex, God & Rock n’Roll. (at Boulder Theater this Friday!)

Stuart Davis is a Boulder hometown hero whose TV show, Sex God & Rock n’Roll, just got picked up by HDnet. This Friday, his show hits the historic Boulder Theater. In Boulder? I’ll see you there. 

Interview with Stuart Davis of Sex, God & Rock n’Roll
via Waylon Lewis of elephantjournal.com.

Stuart–you’re a wild and crazy guy, doing all kinds of wild and crazy things on your show…is the fun and creativity to seduce folks into some deeper wisdom, or is such wildness wisdom itself? 

Well, laughter and love are ends in themselves 😉  But my intention with the show is to be entertaining first, and if we happen to stumble upon some wisdom too, that’s cool.  In general I’m out to celebrate the human puzzle, not solve it.  I hope to facilitate the flux of Wonder and open the aperture of “I”.  I will leave wisdom to real spiritual teachers.  I’m more like the class clown of the Sesshin. 


I got a TV. How do I find your show? I wanna host a hometown hero-watching party.

Great question!  Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll is on HDNet, which is a television network broadcast across the U.S. and Canada on pretty much all major cable providers (Comcast, DirecTV, etc).  To find the right channel on your TV, go to HDNet’s handy channel-finder, which uses your Zip code to find the right channel.  You can do that here: http://www.hd.net/watch_at_home.html

The show airs at 11pm on Sunday night (Pacific Time, 12 Midnight Mountain Time, etc) and is re-run on Monday nights.  Lots of people just record it with their DVR or Tivo, super easy. 


I know you have a longstanding relationship with Ken Wilber, the integral philosopher? In one sentence, what’s Ken and Integral theory all about?

One word: Love.  

One sentence: ‘Integral’ is about becoming as fully & deeply human as possible.


What’s your mission? To be of benefit, generally, to rule TVland specifically?

My mission is Love.  I’m out to serve the Mystery, and benefit all beings.  My gig is to do everything I can to infuse mainstream popular culture with more Love, laughter, and Wholeness.  This play-work is conducted by shining ourselves into every shadow and deciphering Dharma decoys, which are ubiquitous. 


I live in Boulder. Can’t wait for your show [at Boulder Theater this Friday]. What can we expect to see?

Three things: 

1, We will screen the television show, so you will see an episode of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll on the big screen!
2, I’ll be doing a full rock ‘n roll concert with my band,
3, I’ll be reading everyone a funny bed time story.  I may wear pajamas.  Although I sleep in the nude, so… split the difference ;-p
4, FREE HUGS!!!!!!

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