July 16, 2009

#elej reviews: Bhakti Chai Ice Cream.

elephant’s favorite ice cream on Planet Earth?

Review updated: 2010.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Boulder Ice Cream and Bhakti Chai—so imagine my excitement to discover that Boulder Ice Cream now makes Bhakti Chai ice cream!

First thing I did was head over to my local Vitamin Cottage in Northglenn…in Boulder today, I stopped by the farmers’ market to pick up the ingredients for tomorrow’s dinner. After that it was off to the Vitamin Cottage in Boulder…where I found these luscious pints.

Once home, I did the grown-up thing and waited until after dinner before diving into the ice cream. It was worth the wait. The first cold bit hit my mouth in an explosion of gingery-chai goodness. The second spoonful revealed the chocolate chips buried in the ice cream…woot! After that, it didn’t take long for me to finish off the whole container.

They’ve got a big hit on their hands. Next time,  I’m buying more.

Current info, via a Bhakti Chai Press Release:

Updates: Northgleen VC carries Bhakti’s ice cream now….and Chai.

Pints are available at Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage.

…spicy foods are believed to cool the body during hot weather…organic fresh pressed ginger juice, freshly milled organic cardamom, and their signature Bhakti spice blend, and had Boulder Ice Cream create a decadent treat – studded with chocolate morsels.

…Bhakti Chai Chip just has a slight tingle from the fresh pressed ginger and sweetness from the cardamom cream. Reminiscent of the Bhakti Chai sweet spicy concentrate, this ice cream contains no black tea (so it’s caffeine-free)…

…Bhakti Chai donates 5% of proceeds to The Global Fund For Women – a nonprofit organization that supports ventures that empower women and girls around the world. This type of donation is built into the fabric of Bhakti, as Bhakti means devotion through social action and they give monthly and quarterly to numerous human service organizations locally and internationally.

Bhakti Chai is a liquid concentrate blend of fresh-pressed organic ginger juice & fiery spices – in a sweet broth of organic, antioxidant rich Fair Trade black tea. Available in Original, Decaf, Coffee Blend, and Unsweetened, Bhakti Chai is distributed by UNFI (United Natural Foods, Inc) and can be found in Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, and in over 350 cafés throughout Colorado. Bhakti Chai is also available online at www.shop.bhaktichai.com.

For more information: www.bhaktichai.com.

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