July 3, 2009

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis @ LOHAS: 2009. Video.

LOHASLifestyles of Health and Sustainability—is an amazing green/yoga/health/wellness business to business conference that, each year, pumps a kazillion much-needed dollars into elephant’s hometown, Boulder, Colorado.

Even more importantly from a save-the-planet and have-fun-doing-so perspective (elephant’s mission), LOHAS that attracts the best and the greenest—and the biggest, with companies like Wal Mart and Coca Cola sending representatives to talk about where they’re at in going truly sustainable, and to learn how they can be more eco-responsible, and save money and win positive press in the process.

This year it was @elephantjournal(follow us!)’s great honor to host a preparty and afterparty, both at the new @happynoodle, with @gaiam and #lohasforum.

And it was my great pleasure to once again interview, and video (with thanks to Alex King, my longtime co-conspiritor, of @mitomedia) some of my green, world-changing heroes. Last year we interviewed Tommy Rosen, founder of Eco Gift, and his wife Kia; Paolo Bonetti of Organic Vintners; Max Simon; Bianca and Michael Alexander of Conscious Living TV; Bryan Welch of Ogden Publications; Wayne Zink of Endangered Species Chocolate; Eileen O’Neill, CEO at the time of Planet Green, where we want to plant our little green talk show; Randy Paynter of Care2 (huge green cause-driven web site); Rick Peyser of Green Mountain Coffee; Summer Rayne Oakes, the one-woman force of green and social change; Graham Hill; Simran Sethi; and Andy Keller of ChicoBag (and his evil plastic archenemy).

While I missed Ray Anderson, Adam Werbach (my longtime idol, since he was a young, troublemaking green leader), Hunter Lovins…and Mr. LOHAS himself, Ted Ning…we did get to interview about half of the presenters—including Andrew Cohen, Summer Rayne Oakes, Olivia Zaleski, Anthony Zolezzi of Greenops, great green writer Colin Beavan of No Impact Man, Juriaan Kamp of ODE, Adam Lambry of Method, Meaghan O’Neill of Treehugger.com…and more (see video below).

With thanks to Mr. Ning for making all possible with his generosity, humor and savvy, and to Mohawk for sponsoring, enjoy:

Walk the Talk Show: LOHAS Boulder – Summer 2009 from Alex King & Mito Media.

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