August 3, 2009

Does Comcast Care? Thanks to Twitter, Facebook & my blog, the answer’s “Yes.”

Update! Three tweets, one facebook status update, one blog &, all told, over 50,000 people tweeted/commenting later, I just heard back from Comcast on twitter, and now on this blog. I’ve emailed them. We’ll see…I’m hopeful. ~ W.


Comcast: old school bully or new media friendly? We’ll find out soon enough.

Comcast: how to lose customers and create bad publicity.

Social media (twitter, facebook) to the rescue?

Comcast, and many such big impersonal companies (read: AT&T) have long played hardball with helpless customers. Now, the New York Times reports, many of the more innovative, alive such companies are changing their ways thanks to social media like twitter and facebook.

Two hours ago, I posted this to my 7,500 followers on twitter and another 1,000 followers on my personal twitter account. My followers supported me, perhaps feeling my pain, by retweeting (forwarding) my tweet to approximately 50,000 followers of theirs, combine, over the next hour. That’s no exaggeration. And that’s a great way for a company to get bad word of mouth, in a hurry. (I’d warning my comcast rep, via email, that I was going to do so, and received no response).

One hour ago, I posted the below to my Facebook. Check out all the comments, below.

Now, with still no reply, I’m posting this to my blog, elephantjournal.com, that (as of today) gets 69,000 unique visitors a month. You wanna play hardball, Comcast? I don’t: I want to settle this fairly—and I’ll shake the bushes into you care to come out and play fair. Here’s my facebook page:

How to lose customers forever, get bad word of mouth: I’m 18 months into 3 year business contract w/Comcast for wireless. I no longer have an office, but can’t get out of said contract unless I pay 75% of next 1.5 years (and then receive 0% of service). I’ve been paying $89/month. Will be making as much noise as possible, discourage friends from signing with Comcast, and will never use them again myself.

There’s been another 20 comments in the last 20 minutes, but you get the idea. We may not yet be Robin Hoods, with arrows of Twitter and Facebook and blogs, but we can begin to fight back against unfair corporate practices.

Bonus: in the same vein, the below vids re United breaking Dave Carroll’s gee-tar have received a grand total of nearly 7 million views…and counting. With thanks for the tip to John Windsor. Go social media, it’s a customer-led revolution!

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Read 4 comments and reply

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