Love It Or Leave It? [Fuel From Recycled Plastic.]

Via Saraswati J.
on Sep 28, 2009
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fuel from recycled plastic, envion

by Sarah Miller

I get that we have a plastic problem. I get that we need to do something about it. But is making fuel from our over-consumption a great idea or another problem waiting to happen? What happens when the demand increases and pretty soon plastic is being created just for fuel? What are the emission issues with this conversion?

Envion has developed and created a first-of-its-kind plastic waste to oil
conversion platform and is actively manufacturing, marketing, and licensing
its proven technology for the U.S. market, with potential international
expansion. The Envion process of plastic waste reuse addresses a host of
issues ranging from plastic waste management, the landfill capacity crisis,
petroleum reserve depletion/fossil fuel conservation, greenhouse gas
emissions, and overall reduction of the world's carbon footprint.

I feel like we’re still missing the point: let’s just quit making the plastic in the first place.


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3 Responses to “Love It Or Leave It? [Fuel From Recycled Plastic.]”

  1. Katja says:

    yeah, that's my worry. A "solution" that doesnt' solve anything and ultimately creates a whole boatload of new problems.

  2. Ann says:

    Exactly. They neglected to discuss the environmental impact of burning this fuel.

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